16 LGBTIQA+ podcasts to get your ears around this Mardi Gras

Whether you’re new to the annual Sydney Mardi Gras or one of the 78ers, surround yourself with some of the country’s and world’s leading queer voices with a set of podcasts supported by Spotify!

Spotify has teamed up with some of Australia’s most iconic LGBTQI+ personalities, bringing you their specially Curated Podcast Playlists with episodes ranging from intimate coming-out stories, to the weird and wonderful world of drag stars and burlesque.

Scroll on for the list below, but here are three favourites…

Mitchell Coombs: Happy Mardi Gras! “Trash Alley” & “Is It Just Me?” host Mitchell Coombs shares his favourite episodes that celebrate queerness – from the serious to the light.

Bambi Fairy: Loud and proud: From the fabulous, the allies and the revolutionaries – hear queer stories of joy and breaking down barriers, curated by Bambi Fairy.

Gasbagging: It’s Mardi Gras! Get in the feels with some juicy tales from reality TV and beyond – It’s a total vibe, curated by “Gasbagging” host Dan Morrison.

  1. Trash Alley

2.                   Making Gay History

3.                   The Way We Are with Munroe Bergdork

4.                   Queer Stories

5.                   Me For Her

6.                   LGBTQ&A

7.                   Gasbagging

8.                   Drag Stories

9.                   Conversations with Kath

10.               Like a virgin

11.               Come Out where ever you are

12.               Innies + Outies

13.               Search Engine Sex

14.               Dyking Out

15.               Crumbs

16.               Gay Future

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