Interactive dining for restaurant goers by Magill Estate in Adelaide

Chef table serving

Step into the future of fine dining at Magill Estate, where acclaimed chef Scott Huggins is redefining the culinary experience with the captivating art of tableside service. With the introduction of custom-designed service cabinets, Huggins and his team are bringing the kitchen to the table, offering diners an unparalleled, interactive journey.

The increasing popularity of this trend reflects diners’ growing interest in food preparation and cooking techniques, fueled by culinary shows and social media. Tableside service satisfies this curiosity by bringing the preparation process out of the kitchen and into the dining area, allowing guests to see their dishes being crafted in real-time.

Executive Chef at Magill Estate, Scott Huggins said: “Tableside dining not only enhances interaction between chefs and diners but also invites guests into the kitchen. The theatrical element of seeing dishes being finished tableside adds an exciting, memorable aspect to the dining experience, transforming a meal into a multisensory event.”

Chef hands food

“The delicate assembly of the Magill Estate Crumpet with smoked trout butter and roe, or the aromatic flourish of duck broth infused with shiraz and spring onion, are crafted right before the diners, enhancing both the sensory experience and the sense of occasion,” he added.

Looking ahead, Huggins envisions tableside dining being embraced by unique, high-end restaurants as a signature offering, reserved for special occasions. This approach will ensure that tableside dining remains a distinctive, memorable feature, adding a touch of theatre and personalisation to each meal. Magill Estate continues to set itself apart, captivating guests and setting new standards in the culinary world.

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