How to pitch story ideas to THE F

You know that old saying, no question is a dumb question?

Pitching to THE F is kind of like that. No pitch is a dumb pitch.

That is, of course, unless it’s wildly off-brand and talks completely to the wrong demographic (get in touch for a media kit to help you out with that).

The key to grabbing our attention and making us want to tell your story lies in how you deliver the message. We like four things:

  1. Emails. You can call, but it probably won’t help speed things up or make it any more interesting
  2. An email subject line that tells the story in about 7 words
  3. All the most important information up the top of the email
    • dot points always win
  4. Everything we need in one email. The more you give us, the quicker we can produce the content:
    • quotes
    • media releases
    • links
    • prices
    • web res images.

What story ideas to pitch to THE F

We cast our net pretty far and wide to catch some of the best things to write about, but what makes the cut typically fits into five primary pillars:

  1. Lifestyle
  2. Food and drink
  3. Travel
  4. Arts and culture

Within those pillars, we cover all the good stuff that our readers like to know about:

  1. Lifestyle:
  2. Food and drink:
    • New restaurants
    • recipes
    • food products
    • beverage products, alcoholic and non-alcoholic
    • food news and events
  3. Travel:
    • Hotels and accommodation
    • Sights and travel tips
  4. Arts and culture:
  5. LGBTIQ:
    • Personality profiles
    • Entertainment news
    • LGBTIQ events

Check out this interview that Influencing Insider did with editor James Banham on THE F and what we’re into.

But, all that aside, feel free to get in touch on with any story idea to test the waters and see how it’ll fly.

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