Get These Airbnb Additions And Become Your Visitors’ Favourite Host

Living room

Being an Airbnb host is a great way to give people a lifetime of memories while making your property work for you. Hosting lets you experience the joy of meeting people from all over the world without leaving the comfort of your home. With an Airbnb vacation rental, you get to create something of your own that’s unique, personal, and meant to delight people. 

However, being an Airbnb host calls for extensive planning and plenty of homework, especially if you want to become a top choice. For instance, if your property is located at an exotic location, Gold Coast Airbnb management services will ensure the property is clean and well-maintained at all times or if it has a big balcony, turning it into a hangout spot can do wonders. Here are some ways to give your guests the ultimate vacation experience:

  1. Keeping an accessible stock of things that people often forget to pack

People often tend to forget the obvious things while they are packing their bags for vacation. Keeping basic toiletries such as extra toothbrushes, tubes of toothpaste, razors, shower gels, moisturisers, soaps, combs, and even a pair of house slippers will offer incredible peace of mind. Consider placing these toiletries in the dressing area where it is easy to access, and your guests won’t have to worry about requesting you for these.

  1. Add magazines, music records and board games to keep them occupied

Vacation is meant to bring families and friends together. It’s the time when people want to lay back, catch up on life and make memories. Adding music records to play, magazines to add spice to conversations and board games to replace time spent scrolling on the phone will encourage an environment where real human interactions are appreciated. These moments are bound to be special, something people will cherish for years. Additionally, if you are still deciding about the games you can include in the property, feel free to ask your guests if there is anything they particularly enjoy playing and would like to revisit those games. 

  1. Stock up the kitchen well

A popular reason many vacation-goers opt for an Airbnb over hotels is the freedom to cook hearty meals after a long day of exploring this side of the earth. It helps them reconnect with their roots and is a great way to let them cherish family recipes. To give them a home away from home feel, consider stocking the kitchen with basic cooking utensils like pots and pans, spatulas and spices like salt, pepper, paprika, herbs and others. A dishware or dinner set that is right for the maximum number of guests on the property, a kettle or a coffee maker with stocks of different coffee and tea to try on and garbage bags. Check if the kitchen is operational while you are cleaning and get maintenance done as soon as possible to avoid inconveniences to your guests. 

  1. Outdoor amenities to enjoy the quiet scenery

Setting up the garden area with outdoor furniture and decoration items can become the favourite spot for your guests to hang out. You can test for yourself where the outdoor furniture will fit best in the garden. To build up from there, you can add an outdoor grill, keep the grass short and well-maintained, and pot low-maintenance plants to add more colour to the garden. When decorating a balcony or patio space, make sure that it has appropriate flooring and that the outdoor furniture fits the space well without giving it a congested look. 

  1. Make changes that make your property accessible

Putting yourself in the shoes of your guests and being thoughtful goes a long way in ensuring you form a deeper connection with your guests. Upgrading your vacation rental so that it can accommodate people with a disability can be a life-changing experience. The small changes that you can make include having a hand-held shower head in the bathroom, accessible bed and toilet height, wider doorways, flat & smooth pathways at the entry point of the property and support bars wherever possible.

Concluding thoughts 

Whether you love having people over or want to earn extra money, being an Airbnb host has its own perks. You get to meet people, indulge in acts of service to make their stay comfortable and carry the pride of helping people make unforgettable memories. By being more thoughtful and understanding what your guests could be looking for, you can make their Airbnb experience more comfortable and packed with convenience. Remember that your property is bringing people together while they recharge and rejuvenate from their hectic lives, and personalisation will only make things better.