Why card games are fun for everyone

Picture this: you’re hanging out with friends but the conversations are getting stale. In an effort to alleviate everyone’s boredom, you whip out a pack of cards. What cards? Could be anything, really. UNO, Black Jack, Poker – you name it. Problem is, we are still currently in a pandemic and most countries are still in lockdown. You can’t see anyone else outside of your own household and your daily routine starts to become increasingly mundane. Now to alleviate your own boredom, you start looking for online card games instead. But did you know that you can now play card games online with other players live too?

Online games have been increasingly popular in the past decades. Believe it or not, this also includes card games. Lots of card games are readily available online, especially in Australia where people can’t get enough of them – particularly casino card games. Read on to learn more about the most played card games in Australia.

Family Friendly

We’ll first have a look at the more family-friendly card games – ones the kids can enjoy too. Some easy, some average, some difficult, but all fun!


First up on our list is a beloved classic favourite – UNO. The game has been around since 1998. Uno, meaning “one” in Spanish – as there can only be one. The objective of the game is to lay down your cards until you have only one card left, and you shout “UNO!”. The excitement you get from winning is a nostalgic moment for many. It’s great for large groups and requires some critical thinking, but it’s a game for the whole family to enjoy.


If you’re looking for something really fun and simple, Snap is the game for you. This is a fast-paced game that tests your reflexes. The rules are simple – take turns to put down a card, and if the next person puts down the same card as you, move fast! Slam your hand onto the pile of cards and say “snap!” – and that’s it, you win! The game is so simple, even your three-year-old can join in on the fun.


Although originating from the late 19th century United States of America, Australia considers this their national card game. There are different variations of this game, but Australians play the four-handed version of 500. What is the four-handed version, you ask? It simply means that you require four players to play. There are different variations of the game, but they all use the same deck of 43 cards (joker included).

Casino Games

Now we’ll look at some exciting casino games – the games more aimed towards adults. As these games are usually played at casinos, you need to be at least 18 to (legally) be able to play them. Yes, even in the live casinos you may find online. Of course, there’s always the option to play these games for fun with your friends or family.  

Here is a list of card games you’ll be able to play in a live setting at an Australian online casino:


The game of blackjack is a classic casino card game. Originating from Europe with references to France and Spain, the game has been around for centuries. This is a game of chance and requires some strategy, but is still relatively easy for beginners to play. It’s no wonder the game has continued to remain popular up to this day.

The game is best played with a box of Goon on hand, if that’s your thing. Regardless of whether you can share it with your friends (and maybe family), or even just by yourself – you could stand to win prizes and a huge payout. What’s more, you can play it live with other players in online casinos. Just pick one, place a bet, deposit money and you’re good to go!


Poker is to casinos as butter is to bread. It’s the most commonly played card game in casinos all around the world, including Australia. The Star Casino in Sydney and Crown Casino in Melbourne are notably the most famous casinos in Australia. However, lockdown has temporarily put physical casinos out of business.

Single and bored by yourself in lockdown? Stressed-out parents needing a break from their kids? Or just needing to find something else to do other than binge Netflix? Any which way, you’ll be happy to know that Australians can play live card games on multiple online casinos.

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