Leaking roof

Leaking roof? Here are the most common causes

Whether your roof is two years old or twenty check your roof regularly to avoid leaking roofs. Even one small drip can lead to a larger roofing issue and roofing issue means an investment of time and money.

Here we have compiled a list of common sources of roof leaks to save your time and money…

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  1. Roof flashing- Flashing is installed under shingles and on the joints of your roof so that a water-resistant barrier can be created. It is also the most common area of your roof to leak. It usually gets damaged or corroded when exposed to elements like rain and wind. 
  2. Old skylights- Skylights allows the natural light to enter your room. The main cause of roof leak is improper installation, old skylights, when not built properly and decaying insulation along the skylight edges. If you notice wet spots around the skylights, then there are chances that it’s a leaking spot. You may call in an expert for proper skylight installation in Sydney to fix the problem once and for all.
  3. Shingle damage- Broken Shingles are easy to spot because they are the exterior layer of the roof, you can easily identify missing shingles through different coloured patches on the roof or else you will find them in your yard after a heavy storm. In this case, roof leaking can occur due to old and broken Shingles.
  4. Chimneys- There are many causes of chimney leaks, some of them are:
    Faulty flashing- Flashing leaks can cause a lot of damage. They should be inspected regularly because they are prone to rust and second, improper installation develop leaks.
    Deteriorating mortar- Mortar is a thick mixture of water, sand and cement which erodes easily in harsh weather conditions. It can collapse the chimney if not replaced.
    No chimney cap- A chimney cap is an important accessory that eliminates moisture problems by preventing rainwater pouring directly into the chimney.
    Cracked crown- The cement surface on the top of the chimney is called crown which occasionally needs to be replaced or repaired. When cracks develop in the crown it can cause damage to ceilings and walls.
  5. Plumbing pipes and vents- Having cracked or worn flashings around the plumbing pipes and vent are one of the most common leak sources of the roof.
  6. Clogged gutters- Gutters prevent water from getting collected on your roof by directing it into the downspout. Gutters are prone to get clog from branches, leaves, sticks and insects. Also, dead animals and small pieces of waste can clog the gutter. Even when they are not properly installed they can develop roof leak. Make sure to fix them when detected as they can be a real problem if not treated on time.
  7. Attic damage- If you notice mould growth and mildew and a strong musty odour from your attic this is a sign that water has gotten inside. Attic can cause a big size hole if left untreated for a long time. Even it can darken the ceiling paint, wood decay, damage ceiling plaster and paint etc. They are difficult to clean and can cause serious health issues such as respiratory disease, asthma attack, rashes, headaches and much more.

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