My Sweet Box Christmas doughtnuts 1

My Sweet Box is doing Christmas in the best way

Christmas is all about binge eating and what better way to do it than with doughnuts?

My Sweet Box is back at it again since bursting onto the scene only recently, turning Christmas into nothing that can’t be summed-up in 9-or-more round, shallow-fried bundles of joy.

My Sweet Box Christmas doughtnuts2

Their limited edition Christmas dessert boxes come in nine very merry ranges and are available until Christmas Eve – because presents aren’t delicious.

Each can be customised with all the festive mandatories like Christmas balloons, mini Nutella jars, Nutella filled personalised syringes or mini or full-size bottles of liquor.

In a range of sizes and coming-in at a range of prices, My Sweet Box has it going on with all the bells n’ whistles to keep those sweet teeth at bay.

Just check out this year’s options below and get your own up until 24 December right here.



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