Chances are that 47% of fellow travellers find you annoying

Female woman holiday trip travel photo

Everyone loves a holiday, everyone loves time off and everyone loves documenting said good times for future reference, right? And there’s nothing wrong with that. At least not if you fit into the roughly 10 million Aussies that go abroad every year. But, are you one of the annoying ones? We all hear tales of […]

Lonely Planet inspires a lifetime of travel on foot with Epic Hikes of the World


Just because Lonely Planet clearly doesn’t stop, what with cruise guides amongst their myriad other things for itchy-footed travellers, they’re back this month with a reason to travel from now until forever with their Epic hikes of the World instalment. The latest book comes packed with 50 hiking routes in 30 countries along with 150 ideas […]

When you’re next in the French West Indies, visit Hotel Manapany by Francois Champsaur

Hotel Manapany 2

Francois Champsaur’s new luxury hotel, Hotel Manapany, hidden away in Saint Barthelemy, French West Indies is the rage at the moment, touting everything you love about luxury travel, right at the tip of South America. After the renovation of the Hotel Vernet in Paris, Francois Chamspaur and Anne Jousse – the President of the hotel and […]

Lonely Planet introduces first guides to cruise travel 

Cruise ship 1

We all love the thought of jumping on board a luxury, floating palace and sailing away into the sunset on an undetermined island-hopping cruise of relaxing, eating and drinking. But, who amongst us knows the best way to go about it? Or, even where to actually go, on said cruise? Ahoy mates! ? Leading travel media company […]

Changi Airport has just launched the ‘Changi Stopovers in Singapore’ program

Changi Airport Stopovers

Changi airport is the gateway to Asia and the rest of the world if you’re heading north, so it’s no wonder that over 1.4 million Aussies head through the nation state every year. Though it often comes withe the reputation of lengthy stop-over times and long journeys on from Singapore, which are one of the […]

How to be perfectly prepared for your road trip this summer

Road trip car

You have been looking forward to hitting the road with your best friends this summer. Hopping into the car and driving to your chosen destination is going to be the highlight of your summer, so you want to make sure everything goes perfectly. From making sure your car is suited to driving in the city […]

7 reasons to visit Singapore this year

Singapore city

It’s getting to that time of year again where people are booking up their vacations so that they can relax and unwind from a busy year of working hard. While some people enjoy simply going somewhere with plenty of beaches and swimming pools to lounge by, some people would rather take a vacation that’s going […]

Fullerton Singapore’s Concours D’Elegance is giving you a reason to visit this June

Fullerton Hotel

When it comes to travel, Australians know how to do it – we go everywhere! And Singapore is one location that is apparently close to our hearts. It’s out seventh most visited destination after others like the UK and the US. So it’s no surprise we’re excited to mark the 90th anniversary of the iconic Fullerton Heritage precinct, […]