ASOS; save our souls

With the crazy popularity we’re seeing toward all things online and the huge commonplace shift in consumer discretionary spending from bricks and mortar options to that of the cyber, Asos made the right move in offering the Australian market its magic. Nick Robertson’s eleven-year-old company bathed in the glory of a 160 per cent growth […]

Oh the faux pas!

T’was only a matter of not-nearly-long-enough time… Junderpants have hit the scene: The elusive missing link between the basic underpant and the horrendous, but seemingly so ‘in’ jegging (cross between the jean and the legging, for those of you uncouth enough not to know). Firstly to the above image; can I just say, a loud, and resounding, emphatically appalled […]

Seven days. Get excited!

The store is nearly set., the stock is soon to be primped and preened before presentation and no doubt the fanatics are planning their entry with a similar-to-Sydney 3am campout out the front on the ever-busy Bourke Street… Zara Melbourne is soon to take the city and its fashion-conscious by storm this Wednesday 15 June. […]

Alas poor Borders; we knew it well

Indeed, whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or to take arms against a sea of troubles… We all now know the road Borders went down, and it ain’t pretty. Borders is soon to rid Australia of its presence. It was once the goliath of book retailers […]

Zara Sydney does its thing

ZARA has flung open its doors in classic fashion. Combined with a surprise sample sale, the company sure knows what it’s doing it seems! Seventy-eight countries and 1700 stores late, but at last, the Spanish-designed brand has hit the eastern seaboard and made a splash with clothes-loving Australians nation-wide and bringing its goodness to the public on […]


While what I know about makeup and its application is limited, I know that it’s a combination of two key aspects that either make your face glow and attract attention, or dim and turn people away, giving that albeit dreaded ‘I’ve just come down with a bout of tonsillitis’ look. Not good. Aspect one is […]

Run, run baby – the online world awaits

An increasing number of shoppers are turning to the online world to get their shopping rocks off and in search of the apparent value the physical retailers aren’t offering. Fair call. The burgeoning onto the scene of online shopping gems like Etsy, Asos and Styletread, as well as the oldie-but-goodies eBay and Amazon, as well […]

Internet killed the retail store

In a world of ever-advancing computer and internet technology, integrated technological shopping experiences within the offline shopping realm and online shopping itself, the world of retail has changed. Technologically savvy online shoppers are relying on the brands they know and turning to their online outlets as a means of ease of shopping and money and time-saving. […]