Suggestions for living a healthier lifestyle

Woman fitness back muscles

Managing your health is one of those things that we all know that we should give our full undivided attention, but the general fuss of our daily lives can get in the way. This can be the case regardless of where you currently fall on the spectrum of fitness, and one of the difficult things […]

Wellness centre Shelter in Double Bay Sydney “feels like a spa, works like a gym”

Shelter yoga sauna studio spa 1

Sydney’s hottest new wellness centre aims to combine the elements of a health club, gym, and spa, to create a unique wellness experience. The hybrid model is the brainchild of Ben Mills, and offers spin classes, both traditional and infrared saunas, ice baths, and an in-house smoothie bar. However, the space certainly doesn’t resemble a […]

A chat with Fitbit ambassador Drew Harrisberg on getting ready for summer

Drew Harrisberg Fitbit beach

Spring is here and summer isn’t far behind and if you’re living in Australia, you know the pressure is on to put down the burgers, pick-up the carrot sticks and start heading outside to exercise more often. You don’t have to, of course, but new tech by the likes of fitness masters, Fitbit and their […]

Exercise, health and fitness: Bulk Nutrients is changing it all

Bulk Nutrients influencer

When you think ‘protein powder’, you think orange men, gigantic drums of whey powder in scary big portions with scary-bad flavours and the gym. If you’re into that; great! If you’re not and exercise for fun instead of a profession, then you’re going to be in the market for something else. This is exactly why […]

How to take-on a two-day fitness bender in Hobart with Bulk Nutrients – and survive

James Banham Bulk Nutrients

Sure there’s exercise and fitness, but doing it in Sydney on Bondi Beach, glistening under the southern sun in a balmy 25-degrees is nothing compared to doing it in the freezing cold in Hobart. Or up an even colder mountain. But, when you and a contingent of six other faces and folks in the Aussie fitness […]

Infinite Cycle is the spin class studio you’ve been screaming for in Sydney

Infinite Cycle spin Anna Heinrich

Everyone knows Soul Cycle, right? Let’s just put that out there. But, what you mightn’t know about in the world of spin and definitely need to, is its Australian competition that offers something a little more unique: Infinite Cycle. HQ’d in Waterloo, NSW and branching out all over the place at a rapid pace, Infinite […]

Exercise is good for your brain, as well as your body

Gym exercise

For those of us whose busy lives always accommodate a healthy whack of exercise on the daily, it can often be felt long before you’re even told by “experts”. For those who don’t, it doesn’t matter who you ask, but you’ll fast learn that exercise equals mental happiness and clarity, according to clinical psychologist Emma […]