All about the Dyson new black Supersonic hair dryer

Dyson black supersonic hair dryer attachments

With Dyson’s expected level of engineering and design, the Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer sports not only a unique and stylish look but also a number of great features with a powerful digital motor.     Renowned for its unique ability to speedily dry your hair fast, without relying on heat and potentially damaging your hair, to […]

Plan your glow-up with Youth to the People: a review

Youth People 1

You don’t need to go far these days to find a new superfood. Especially in Sydney, it feels like there’s a brand-new magic ingredient being discovered every weekend: if you’re not drinking a kale smoothie, you might be grabbing an açai bowl with extra goji berries or adding activated almond milk to your turmeric latte. […]

Do your part for child abuse by purchasing new bits by the Body Shop

Grooming mens haircut

You’re going to be able to heal the hearts of children affected by child abuse through purchasing Almond Milk and Honey Body Lotion from The Body Shop Australia, as part of its ‘Healing Hearts Project’ in partnership with Australian Childhood Foundation. From 16 July, three dollars from every sale of the products will be donated […]

How to get your salon business ready before opening

Make up brushes

If you’re starting a new salon business in your local area, you’ll probably know how stressful it’s going to be. Sometimes, you might need a bit of help or advice so you know that you’ve got everything covered. There are so many things to think about, and hopefully this checklist has got you covered. Let’s […]

Why Bulldog Skincare is good for your face and the planet

When it comes to skincare targeted specifically at men, there are many, yes, but are they good enough? Putting them to the test over many years, you can unequivocally agree that ‘no’, most aren’t, but when you find one that’s worth barking about, you want to make it known. Bulldog Skincare is just that. Men’s […]

Arlo Blak charcoal detoxifies and purifies easily

Arlo Blak feature

Remember when charcoal beauty products came in about a year-or-so ago? People went mad for it. All-of-a-sudden it was ‘blak’ this and ‘blak’ that, turning even the most simple of products into a jet black smear that left a dusty haze in its wake. But despite the country’s penchant for all things black and charcoal […]

Handsome skincare is helping you look; well… Handsome

Busy life; we know. No time to keep it all in-check; we know. Pressure’s on to be your best you; WE KNOW. When it all seems just like it’s a bit much to keep on top of being a dude in the modern age, skincare brands like Handsome Skincare comes along to lend a hand and it […]

Get a Sparkling White Smile in the comfort of your own home

Man teeth white

If you watch TV, read magazines or just exist in the modern world, you’d know just how much emphasis everyone puts on your smile. “The window to the soul”, some call it, “your best business card”, say others, and yeah, sure, there’s nothing quite like a good hyperbole, but one thing is certain; everyone loves a […]

You haven’t shaved until you’ve done it with the Braun Series 9

Braun Series 9 shaver black

Whatever you shave with at the moment, throw it out. It doesn’t compare to this.

Doing your hair this season with the Pantone colour of the year is now possible

Dessata bright purple

Summer is full of a lot of good things like trips to the beach, the easy breezy style, the longer days and the warmer nights. Sometimes, when everything is just right, you feel like you’re walking literally walking on sunshine. Unfortunately, with all that extended daylight and heat the humidity can take your adorable summer […]

The 4 products by Dr. LeWinn’s that will take you into autumn

Mens skincare beard man mirror

Dr Lewinn’s have been in the skincare game for longer than 25 years, offering-up their expertise and experience in crafting all the good bits your skin needs as part of their daily grind. And now, with a new season, comes a new range, working all sorts of wonders for your skin. Here are 4 top […]

The new Coco Milk by We Are Feel Good Inc. will have you feeling good

We Are Feel Good Coco Milk

When it comes to caring for your skin, nothing compares to organic ingredients and We Are Feel Good Inc.’s Coco Milk is no exception. FGI’s Coco Milk ($24.95) is packed full of amazing ingredients for your skin, including Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Coconut Oil and best of all, is paraben free. You don’t have […]