Simple skin care help for novices

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Looking after the skin is important. If you are constantly self conscious about your looks and you want to look naturally beautiful, step away from the concealer and open your heart to toner instead. In the beauty world, your skin is the foundation of the building you create. If the foundation is uneven and wonky, […]

You can use your phone to check what’s wrong with your skin

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La Roche Posay is all about minimalist formulas that help sensitive skin. And now in addition to all the products in their arsenal, they’ve gone tech. Using your phone, you can scan your face for imperfections and acne and the system will tell you what’s up. And what you need to do. It’s called the […]

The 6 best natural beauty products this season at Sephora

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At this years Sephora Beauty Beats we couldn’t help but notice a very obvious beauty trend. Natural beauty. Your skin is your largest organ so its important that you pay close attention to what you’re putting on it. Here’s a round-up of the best natural beauty products that Sephora has to offer. 1. BYBI Beauty. […]

Ecoya’s got a new body range and it’s nice

Ecoya body wash

It was only in June that Australian fragrance masters Ecoya, released their take on a bodycare collection in new-look frosted bottles.  The reaction? Pretty great, when you consider they’re the same greta products, now available in recyclable PET plastic. In a grey frosted bottle and a clear frosted bottle for the hand and body wash […]

Men’s barber in Sydney: Adilla does it right

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If there’s one thing Sydney has a lot of it’s beaches, cafes and barbers, but unlike the former two, finding a good barber can be a real challenge for men: that’s where Adilla comes in. Nestled down a quiet little laneway in Sydney’s Double Bay, it’s a hole-in-the-wall barber for blokes that is as practical […]

Funky Trunks now do skincare not just for your junk


Funky Trunks is the name behind some of the ost fun printed dude’s duds out there. And now, they do skincare. Save applying it to your junk for your personal space, this range of skincare is built for daywear on the face to protect you from yourself and your skin from the harsh elements. Oh, […]

Edible Beauty: The products for your face that are good enough to eat

Skincare cream on the back of a hand

Mother’s Day might be done and dusted, but who says you’re only limited to getting her a gift one one specific day of the year? Edible Beauty is the new product for women – not just Mums – that’s changing the way we approach applying things to the face and doing it delicious style. It’s […]

La Biosthetique Homme is all over Australia and now, Fuchs Hair Waterloo

La Biosthetique Homme

La Biosthetique is the French-cum-German beauty retailer and name in grooming to know, with thousands of products and only one reputation: the best. La Biosthetique now does products for men, too; aptly dubbed La Biosthetique Homme – nothing wrong with originality – for the fast-paced lifestyle of any gym-going, up-and-at-’em bloke of the day. Tapping […]

Cult skincare brand CeraVe comes to Australia


American cult skincare brand CeraVe is coming to Australia, with the aim to be the world’s #1 medical skincare brand. Well on its way, being the United States’ #1 dermatologist recommended moisturising brand for dry skin, CeraVe will be available in Chemist Warehouses across Australia from next week. CeraVe takes skincare back to basics with […]

Whitening teeth wisdom: A guide to a brighter smile

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Whitening Wisdom – A Guide to a Brighter Smile Everyone loves a bright, white and glistening smile. In face, up to 90% of adults have identified a bright smile a something they first notice about a person. Whilst celebrities maintain a beautiful and radiant smile with veneers, expensive whitening kits and multiple trips to the […]

Basic grooming for the ungroomed

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If you’ve never groomed before but you think it’s time to start taking a little extra care of yourself and how you look, take a look at these basic grooming tips which will see you looking effortlessly your best every day. Get to know your barbers Make sure when you visit your barbers that you book your next […]

Skinstitut can handle your eczema


If you’re one with senstitive skin and eczema – like 1 in 3 Australians – you’ll know how awful it is. Thankfully for chronic sufferers, the inflammatory skin condition can now be managed from both its internal and external factors with the new Skinstitut products that will serve to hydrate, heal, repair and protect the […]