Men’s hair by Hanz de Fuko

A bit of San Franciscan style never went astray. Hanz de Fuko made it its mission, bringing its city-inspired men’s hair care to the world. Hanz de Fuko set out in 2009 to establish itself as not only a great option in the men’s hair care market, but to illustrate its mantra and sole belief […]

Sacha Juan for men

I travel a lot. For work, play, just to get away, it’s all good and always welcome. Sadly though, with that comes a lot of packing and unpacking and those pesky (but safe) flight restrictions on liquids, products and the rest of it. Recently though, I discovered a range of handy, travel size hair product companions […]

Frank’s Dirty Little Secret

You know Frank as the fictitious guy behind the renowned coffee scrub. You know the one… it smells better than the stuff you drink every morning and has even better benefits than you thought. Well now, Frank has moved into a new realm of body contact. Your face. For those who’re fussy about what goes […]

Summer in Winter with GlowStation

Melbourne winter can be brutal. If you are one who is more accustomed to a bronzed glow during the summer months than the kiss of the moon during winter, this can be a tough time of year. Unless of course, you pay a visit to new player to the fake tan game in Melbourne, Glowstation. […]

A day with a Harlotte named Mr. Browne

The product launch of Harlotte Cosmetics and Mr Browne Tanning Essentials held at Hotel Centennial in Sydney presented ranges of each of the brands in a beautiful sample suite for all involved to try. With intimate introductions to the products by their founders Michelle Crofts and Joanne Rathbone, guests were guided through the collections before […]

JJ Wessels for Uppercut Deluxe

There’s a guy, JJ Wessels who’s a renowned – for those in the know – motorcycle enthusiast and pro Californian surfer. He wears a side part in his hair. He loves this side part so much, that he partnered with men’s grooming brand Uppercut Deluxe to create a how to guide on how to get […]

What’s good about the Philips Series 9000

Pretty much one of the best things you’ll rub up against your face, the Philips Series 9000 is built for both comfort and purpose. The men’s face and body groomer is one of the newest in the Philips family with a nice spread of options for a wide range of discerning gents. Philips has launched […]

What’s in store for Sephora?

A room full of makeup, no less a room filled with makeup by Sephora makes one happy girl. Treated to a sneak peek of the Sephora brands offering for 2015, the makeup retail leader laid out the best new things to hit the Sephora offering in the coming months. Brands like Tarte, Kat Von D, Obsessive […]

The Aromatherapy Co. Man Therapy

You wouldn’t think that soap would be the most exciting thing to write about; but then you hear of this Aromatherapy Company brand of soaps and products that make products for men and immediately, your perceptions change. Soap is awesome! Especially when it smells like this. Even for the most bloke of blokes, you’ve got to admit […]

Raw by Anthony Nader

The Raw Anthony Nader salon is one of the best hair salons I’ve ever seen. I don’t just say that because he’s a lovely person to be engaged in a conversation with for the duration of a haircut; I don’t just say that because the salon is beautiful and conveniently close to the heart of Sydney’s […]

What are you wearing for Valentine’s Day?

If like a good boyfriend/husband/partner, you’ve got something lavish and romantic up your sleeves planned for this weekend’s Valentine’s Day, you’re going to need something snappy to wear. Nothing throws a cool bucket of water on a guy’s or girl’s loins quicker than a date who put no effort into what they’re wearing and how they […]

How to do your doo

Dudes and their hair are like girls and theirs. Often neglected and screaming out for some love. That is at least, if you see some of the heads I come across! I’ve recently discovered the magic of not only shampooing and conditioning – known about that for years – but the wonder of using a […]