Teeth Whitening In Sydney At Pure Smile Is So Easy

Teeth whitening is a big deal. For those with a shocker of a mouth of teeth to those who were genetically blessed; everyone likes a pearly white smile that makes friends and family want to smile back, while the date across the table goes weak at the knees. Here’s how to get it… Visit Pure […]

Dr. Sara Kotai’s tips and tricks to hair loss

Dr. Sara Kotai from Man Cave Sydney explains why men go bald and how they can manage it!

When Sun Bum Comes To Town And Changes Sun Protection Forever

They smell delicious, they look trendy as hell and their brand mascot is a giant ape. What more do you need to love something like Sun Bum? An Australian born skincare and sun protection brand, it as created in 2010 for the Australian market to protect the skin of Aussies. It’s a high quality lifestyle brand […]

Man Cave Sydney’s Dr. Sara Kotai Joins THE F As Grooming Expert

Dr. Sara Kotai from Man Cave Sydney has joined THE F as our resident men’s expert grooming writer.

Why Miss Vitality Is The Cure For Ageing Skin

When you live in Melbourne and constantly suffer from the four-seasons-in-one-day syndrome, our bodies can only take so much damage before they just give up. Cue in premature aging, toxic damage, and free radical exposure and you’re in for a one long battle with life. Bring in Miss Vitality, the new best friend for every […]

Why Sydney’s Man Cave Aesthetic Clinic Is Worth A Visit

Man Cave Sydney is one of the newest men’s grooming service offerings in Sydney you’ll fall in love with.

Kryolan Celebrates 70 Years in the Biz

When you’ve had a horrific history of acne during the good old pubescent years and constantly suffer from an uneven skin tone, wearing makeup is just about the only thing that’ll get you out of the house. So for those reasons, and despite what society says, yes I’m a guy and yes I use makeup. […]

What Mo Are You?

Movember has reached the halfway point and whilst participant’s friends and family are surely applauding their charitable efforts, it’s likely they are also giving stick for the unkempt facial fluff now being sported on men across Australia. But don’t fret, our friends at Netflix have compiled some of the most prolific moustaches found on the […]

Get The Bond Look With Gillette

Gillette is doing something new. They don’t just create boring razors, shavers of men’s products, they innovate and develop, ready to tackle any mission that is any man’s beard or body hair. That’s why they’re such a great fit with the likes of international superspy and M16 legend, James Bond. He’s smooth, suave, sophisticated and […]

The Art Of Gentlemanly Perfection

In Sydney’s central QT Market Street hotel, the art of being a man with a healthy head of hair, well-polished shoes and a quality taste in whiskey was celebrated. Just in time for Movember, the pursuit of gentlemanly perfection shipped-in Chivas Regal brand ambassadors and had barbers for men working around the clock in amongst […]

HÜD Skin + Body Turns 1!

Tucked away in St Kilda sits Melbourne’s new home away from home; a skin + body lounge with a difference. Led by Norwegian import, Gry Tømte, the lounge is all about providing Melbournians with a natural approach to skin and body treatments, coupled with education on how to nourish you skin every day. I must […]

BIBA Salon’s 40th Birthday

This week, BIBA celebrated their 40th birthday and what better way to commemorate the mile stone than hosting an intimate gathering at their newest salon. BIBA St Kilda is located within the bustling hub of Acland Street and is a five minute stroll to the beach; it is arguably the salons most picturesque location yet. […]