Goodbye germs: How the Reggie Key is our key to preventing sickness + WIN!

Reggie Key

If you think life without face masks and hand sanitiser is a thing; you’re nuts! So, why not get ahead of the game for life and invest in something that not only heavily reduces the need to touch everything in public – the Reggie Key. A new reveal, it takes the concept of touching things […]

Be the favourite and get your Aussie Father’s Day presents sorted early with Tissot

Man watch motorbike

Father’s Day in Australia is a while off – 6 September – but there’s no reason why you can’t jump the gun and score the coveted ‘favourite child’ title ahead of time. For those of you who’re in need of some gift inspiration – you can check out what we got Dads in the UK […]

All about Laser’s CONNECT SmartHome range + WIN

Laser light bulb living room

Remember when customisable home lighting came out? Exciting times. But it was always so expensive and such an investment – until now. Laser is taking-on the big guys and offering the same technology with all its benefits, for a fraction of the price: just $10 per Laser Smart White LED light bulb bulb. Along with […]

New tech for Mother’s Day + WIN some for Mum

Music woman

Make-up’s nice; flowers are pretty; alcohol’s fun, but this Mother’s Day, why not try giving the ol’ lady something a little more exciting and useable with staying power like she’s not used to?! There’s a whole new heap of swag for the special woman in your life that spans the works of office tech, speakers, […]

Befriend your box and your bum: All about and win the new Gyr8tor vibrator by Lovehoney


Following the brand’s successful Design A Sex Toy (DAST) competition, relatively recently, a satellite and network installation engineer named Kevin Clark won $6,000 by creating the next in Lovehoney’s arsenal: the Gyr8tor. Inspired by the raunchiness of the ancient Greeks and their creation of the gyroscope (spins around), the new toy does just that anywhere you want […]

Giveaway: Keep your AirPods safe with the new AirBag by Twelve South

AirBag 2

When you spend over $300 (£150-odd) for a pair of earbuds that can so easily go missing, get lost or stomped on, you’re going to want to keep them safe. Enter the new AirBag for your Apple AirPods, putting yet another protective and weirdly cute layer of protection around your tech. They look like a […]

Make your home better with an Amazon Echo Dot – and WIN one

Amazon Alex 1

Amazon’s Alexa is one busy gal. But have you ever wondered what she’s doing when you give her the gift of some down time? The annual Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras went on recently, pumping out the best of gay for the world. Alexa was no different, putting on her drag queen persona and […]

BONDS did Mardi Gras this year – and we’re giving away some undies

Bonds has made its first foray into the world of art, putting on an exhibition in honour of this years Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. To celebrate and release of their new Pride range, Bonds will host an exhibition they’re calling OUT NOW, an activation that celebrates the coming out stories of queer Australians […]

Mardi Gras bondage: What to wear and how to WIN

Leather Tom of Finland

The annual Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras is about three things: Pride, love and acceptance and plenty of sex. It’s what you get when you jam tens of thousands of men and women together in a shed for hours on end, so it’s time to embrace! And giving away some bondage wear is exactly […]

Telling a story through travel photography – And WIN some of your own by Werner Pawlok

Werner Pawlok Lumas Gallery

An ancient city in Beijing. An idyllic beach in the Bahamas. Heavy rainfall on a lake in Ontario. It’s an incredible world out there, full of magnificent destinations to discover. And with the incredible advancements in camera technology, there’s never been a better vessel to soak up all of those experiences. But what is the […]

Belkin does a standing charge pad for Apple, Samsung, LG and Sony + WIN

Belkin stand

Because your phone’s as nice to look at as it is to use, why not show it off? Belkin understands and have made some new toys to add to the Chrissy list this year to allow you to do just that. The new Belkin BOOST UP Wireless charging stand is for the interiors nerd who […]

Style with accessories: How East Dane makes it easy

Man model sunglasses

Sure, it’s one thing to be able to get dressed, but can you do it well? It all comes down to accessorising and knowing how to do it. Thankfully, there’s a literal tonne of information out there to make your life easier and just as many retailers who know what they’re doing to help you […]