With every closed restaurant another opens. Such is the circle of life for Melbourne’s Southgate dining and entertainment precinct along the Yarra River, which thankfully enough, this week gave birth to a new kid on the block, Artusi. Named after an 18th century Italian culinary author, Pellegrino Artusi, the restaurant is a  modern Italian wine […]

The Melbourne Magnum Pleasure Store

Complete with its own army of aptly named Pleasure Makers (not what you’re thinking), the well-known and loved Magnum ice-cream business has hit Melbourne with its latest and greatest initiative, the Melbourne Magnum Pleasure Store. I was lucky and fortunate enough to experience the awesomeness first-hand in Melbourne at the city’s newest retail destination the Emporium […]

Le Creuset Melbourne

Its second store in Australia since making its debut in Sydney, Le Creuset has opened its doors in Melbourne’s newest retail offering, Emporium Melbourne. Allowing Australia to join the 70-plus countries around the world that sell the Le Creuset brand since its first store, Melbourne’s bigger, better, significantly brighter and impressively bolder outlet on the […]

Who are the Three Williams?

Situated, what you immediately realise, super appropriately down a street lined with indie looking bespoke interiors stores, lies a new eatery that puts so much emphasis on its individuality, it’s like stepping into the thoughtspace of a creative. Three Williams is Redfern’s gathering spot for friends, colleagues, the busy urbanite and the cafe addict whose preference for […]

Donny’s Bar, Manly

In the most unassuming of open-air arcades in a smallish beachside town called Manly, there’s a new bar and restaurant that’s humming along. Its doors have been open for no longer than a few months and the crowds are only getting used-to the name, but what it does it does well; introducing some culture, some […]


While frozen yoghurt is busy smearing itself all over the southern end of Melbourne, the city’s most eclectic region, Carlton has been making itself well accustomed to something new. For the summer only, Pidapipó by Lisa Valmorbida is a gelato store and test lab that brings something new and funky to the Carlton side of things, […]

Zucca Rossa

While none of what we experienced at its official friendly welcoming night reflective of a red pumpkin, the di italiano atmosphere of the place, enhanced by its menu, made for a foodie’s sweet dream and the name Zucca Rossa make that little more sense. A favourite restauranteur of mine who once owned a jewel in the city’s […]

DJs food events

By Holly Thomas.  Tucked away in the basement dwellings of department store David Jones lays David Jones’ spectacular food hall. With wall to wall fresh delis selling everything from chocolate coated strawberries to succulent pieces of meat and an amazing pantry section full of jarred goods, it seemed only fitting to host various talk and […]

The Fashionable Cocktail

Jane Rocca is no stranger to the written word. A prominent Melbourne-based fashion and music writer, her repertoire has expanded to that of the cocktail as she recently launched herself into the highest echelons of cocktail mastery and merriment. The Fashionable Cocktail is the third in her line of books by Jane Rocca, as she […]

Stacks Taverna, Sydney

By Henry Ng. Stacks Taverna is a contemporary style restaurant serving a modern blend of Mediterranean and Australian cuisines. Located in Sydney’s newest and most vibrant community precinct, the venue also has a bar that boosts a wide selection of beers, refreshing cocktails and an international wine list. The menu, like the alcohol list, is […]

Relive your childhood: Wonka Scrumdiddlyumptious

There’s no lying, I’m a chocolate whore. Everything is amazing. Except ‘orange’. Recently as you may have noticed through supermarkets the country-over, Wonka chocolate is now available in Australia. Families and chocolate fiends alike can now enjoy a sprinkling of surprise, a dash of wonder and a hint of the preposterous with new Wonka Chocolate Blocks. […]

Keep your Deeds Quiet and your ciders cold

Australians know alcohol. Whether that’s a good thing or not remains to be seen, but when you have as much success with as many entrepreneurs in the industry as we as a nation do, who cares? Patrick Ale and David Milstein are two such Australians whose ingenuity and knack for alcohol, importing it and now […]