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Anne Zahalka’s major exhibition at the National Art School Sydney

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The Museum of Australian Photography is proud to announce the release of a captivating catalogue showcasing the remarkable works of Anne Zahalka, one of Australia’s most esteemed photographers. This catalogue serves as a testament to Zahalka’s artistic prowess and her significant contributions to the realm of photography. Steven Alderton, the CEO of the National Art School, commended Zahalka’s profound connection to the institution, stating, “Anne Zahalka has a long connection to the National Art School. After studying at NAS in 1978, she was a photo-media teacher during the 1980s. Since then, she has gone on to become one of the most prominent artists working in photography today, and we are thrilled to be presenting her major survey exhibition to our visitors and students.” Anne Zahalka herself expressed her excitement about the upcoming major survey of her work at the National Art School in Sydney, her hometown. She shared, “I’m excited to be presenting a major survey of my work at the National Art School in Sydney in my hometown. Curated around my key photographic series and the archive that supports it, this immersive exhibition will offer a first-hand experience of how I develop artworks, the research and material processes that are involved, and the context the works are made in.” Delving into Anne Zahalka’s artistic journey Anne Zahalka’s body of work encapsulates a diverse range of themes, from cultural identity and representation to the exploration of everyday life through a unique lens. Her photographs are known for their striking visual narratives, meticulous attention to detail,… Read More

Opera Australia bring ‘Breaking the waves’ to Melbourne

Opera Australia Breaking the waves

For the first time in Melbourne, Missy Mazzoli and Royce Vavrek’s “Breaking the Waves” will startle audiences, as it has across the world, including acclaimed seasons at Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), Edinburgh Festival, and Adelaide Festival. Opera Australia will present a Melbourne exclusive, one-night-only semi-staged performance of this contemporary opera on 26 July at Hamer Hall, helmed by Melbourne Theatre Company’s Artistic Director Anne-Louise Sarks and conducted by the award-winning Jessica Cottis. This will be Sarks’ first foray into opera, which she says offers an exciting opportunity to expand her creative output in a new direction. “Opera is an entirely different type of theatre; the sheer drama of the music adds a greater depth and dimension to the storytelling and allows us immediate access to the inner life of these characters. I am looking forward to working with some of Australia’s finest singers and musicians to bring this story to life. Breaking the Waves brings together some brilliant female creatives. Composer Missy Mazzoli, conductor Jessica Cottis, and designer Marg Horwell are world leaders in their fields, and it is so special to collaborate with them on this project,” said Ms. Sarks. Dubbed by Time Out as “Brooklyn’s post-millennial Mozart,” Mazzoli is one of the most exciting composers working anywhere in the world, and her adaptation of von Trier’s film has been acclaimed as one of the 21st century’s best operas. Opera Australia filled Hamer Hall last year with its critically successful “Satyagraha,” and “Breaking the Waves” presents the perfect opportunity for a musically adventurous… Read More

Carmen but not like you know it – Carlos Acosta’s version at Sadler’s Wells

Carlos Acostas Carmen Cristina Lanandez 1

Get ready to immerse yourself in a theatrical extravaganza like no other as Sadler’s Wells International Associate Company, Acosta Danza, presents the much-awaited UK premiere of Carlos Acosta’s Carmen at Sadler’s Wells Theatre from Tuesday 2 to Saturday 6 July 2024. In a performance that combines passion, drama, and undeniable talent, Carlos Acosta takes the stage in his rendition of Georges Bizet’s timeless opera, bringing a touch of magic to the theatre scene. Join Don José, Carmen, and the captivating Escamillo in a dance of fate, jealousy, and destiny that’ll transfix you. Unraveling the Tale: From Past to Present Step back in time as Acosta breathes life into the character of The Bull, a symbolic representation of destiny and master of ceremonies, blending classical finesse with a contemporary flair. Watch as the narrative unfolds, retaining its universal themes in a stripped-back, enchanting setting that transcends eras. Its haunting use of simple staging and a fate bearing avatar that is the Spanish bill who appears at pivotal moments that really reminds you you’re watching a reimagined classic. A Stellar Cast: Ballet Brilliance in Motion Witness the artistry of Birmingham Royal Ballet dancers—Yaoqian Shang, Javier Rojas, and Lachlan Monaghan—as they join forces with Acosta Danza Principal dancers Laura Rodriguez, Enrique Corrales, and Alejandro Silva. Together, they craft a tapestry of emotions, drawing inspiration from dance legends Marius Petipa, Roland Petit, and others who’ve been captivated by this tale of passion and tragedy. Melodic Marvels: Bizet’s Timeless Symphony Let the melodies of Carmen sweep you off your feet… Read More

Sadler’s Wells has a new mod ballet for you

Paris Fitzpatrick Quadrophenia a Mod Ballet Photo Johan Persson

Sadler’s Wells and Universal Music UK today announced Pete Townshend’s Quadrophenia, a Mod Ballet, a major new dance production of Townshend’s iconic album of the same name, which will tour the UK in 2025. Quadrophenia is steeped in the mythology of the 1960s—sharp suits, soul music, Vespas and parkas—but its themes of lost youth, rebellion, the search for belonging, and hunger for social change are just as urgent today. A rich orchestral arrangement of the album by Rachel Fuller and Martin Batchelar provides the backdrop for Quadrophenia, a Mod Ballet. The brand-new production is choreographed by Paul Roberts, directed by Rob Ashford, and features original costumes by renowned British fashion house Paul Smith and Natalie Pryce, projection by Nick Hillel, and lighting design by Fabiana Piccioli. Rising star Paris Fitzpatrick performs the lead role of Jimmy. Quadrophenia, a Mod Ballet, tours to Plymouth Theatre Royal (28 May – 1 June 2025), Edinburgh Festival Theatre (10 – 14 June 2025) and the Mayflower Theatre, Southampton (18 – 21 June 2025) before having its official opening at Sadler’s Wells Theatre, London (24 June – 13 July 2025) and then visiting The Lowry, Salford (15 – 19 July 2025). Pete Townshend said: ‘QUADROPHENIA is the only Who album that I solely composed and produced (1973) and the movie that followed in 1979 launched the careers of some of the finest young actors of the time. In 2016 Rachel Fuller agreed to create an orchestral score of the album. When I first heard a demo of this version, without… Read More

New LGBT romance CHUCK CHUCK BABY coming to London

Women chuck chuck baby

CHUCK CHUCK BABY, funded by the BFI and awarding National Lottery funding, alongside BBC Film and Ffilm Cymru Wales and produced by Artemisia Films, will arrive in cinemas this summer just after Pride on 29 June! This highly anticipated film is set to be released in UK and Irish cinemas on 19th July, though the release date remains confidential and will be officially announced soon. Written and directed by Janis Pugh, known for The Befuddled Box of Betty Buttifint and Blue Collars and Buttercups, the film stars an impressive cast including Louise Brealey, Annabel Scholey, Sorcha Cusack, Celyn Jones, and Emily Fairn. The production is helmed by producers Anne Beresford, Adam Partridge, Andrew Gillman, and Peggy Cafferty. CHUCK CHUCK BABY tells a poignant story of love, loss, and music set amongst the falling feathers of a chicken factory in present-day industrial North Wales. The plot centres on Helen, who divides her days between packing chickens and caring for Gwen, her dying mother-figure. Helen’s world is set on a new course with the return of Joanne, a figure from her past with whom she shared unspoken teenage passions twenty years earlier. Encouraged by Helen, Joanne initiates a playful wooing game that re-awakens their old feelings, reigniting Helen’s zest for life. However, Joanne grapples with darker shadows from her past, leading to a series of emotional upheavals. As Gwen passes away, Joanne’s haunting memories cause her to retreat, leaving Helen alone. The film explores the women’s journey as they reflect on their missed chance to break down… Read More

Bringing music to people with Live At Yours

Live At The Great Lendvay lowres

For centuries, people of all cultures have gathered in places of worship to share the joy of music. Live at Yours is an artist-led organisation that brings local and international classical artists to audiences across Australia. Founded by husband-and-wife duo Vladimir Fanshil and Eleanor Lyons during the COVID-19 pandemic, the initiative aimed to provide a safe and intimate setting for live music. Their mission is simple – to connect audiences of diverse backgrounds, including various religions, nationalities, and occupations. Next month, Live at Yours will present events featuring Konstantin Shamray, Midnight in Paris, and Andrey Gugnin at Sydney’s Great Synagogue and Melbourne’s Toorak Synagogue. These venues, usually closed to the public, offer a unique blend of historical significance and architectural beauty, serving as a time capsule of humanity, music, connection, and culture. The organisation’s programming approach combines the casual tradition of the 19th-century European salon with contemporary local influences, making classical music accessible and appealing to a wide array of audiences. Live at Yours’ upcoming events promise to be an incredible and unique experience, showcasing renowned artists and captivating performances in extraordinary settings. If you’re interested in learning more or attending an event, complimentary tickets can be arranged, ensuring a memorable and enchanting experience. Full 2024 program:  Live at Yours is an artist-led organisation that presents local and international classical artists to thousands across Australia.