Considering studying medicine? Here’s why you should

Doctor writing

Studying medicine and going into a medical field is one of the best, most noble things someone can do, but that isn’t to say it’s easy. It takes many years, a lot of stress, money sacrifices (although thankfully there is financial advice for medical professionals available) and certainly isn’t a decision to enter into lightly. […]

Bingo raves are a thing – who knew?

We cover some pretty interesting topics at THE F, however, we never thought we would be covering something called a bingo rave. That’s right – bingo has been taken to the next level. Whilst it sounds like a relatively new concept, bingo raves have actually been around for some time now. Bingo must be one […]

Writing a voiceover script: 4 tips to make the most of it

woman microphone

Whenever you think of a voice actor, you are likely to think of it as an easy job. With the right talent, it is! However, there’s a lot of depth to the work of a voice actor. One of the most critical facets in creating a good video, whether for entertainment or corporate branding purpose, […]

5 ways to keep your IT systems Te order at work

While it may not be your sole responsibility, the computer systems and other digital platforms you own will be vital in the day-to-day running of your business. So much data and so much importance lie on the likes of your laptops, computers, smartphone, and any other hardware you may have. It’s crazy that the keys […]

Giving your puppy the best start in life – helpful tips all owners should know

Stylish Hound

Welcoming a new puppy into your family is an exciting time for everyone. There’s a lot to get ready and plenty to have in place before your new addition reaches their forever home. But despite giving your puppy the warmest of welcomes and all the love and attention during those first moments, you must have […]

3 tips to increase ROI with marketing analytics

College student using laptop

For most businesses investing in marketing activity, a key metric used to measure the success of each campaign is ROI – return on investment. If I invest X amount of dollars, how much can I expect to get back in return? ROI can be applied to most marketing activities, from SEO to affiliate marketing. When […]

Ideas for flowers in Melbourne

Be it as a gift or any special occasion, flowers play a vital role in sentiments and memories. Not only do they serve a great purpose in making things special as gifts, but enhance the whereabouts with their beauty. Now some special kind of flowers may be needed, depending on the event occurring. If you […]

3 ways to increase the visibility of your search engine marketing

Focused college student studying at computer

It is not easy to be an entrepreneur, and one of the greatest difficulties encountered is certainly to boost your business’s visibility and stand out. Indeed, companies are sometimes powerless in the face of competition or giants established in the same sector. To find a place, some multiply actions in the hope of attracting the […]

5 easy travel hacks to cut down your holiday headaches

Bali Indonesia

Living in 2021 can be very stressful and can leave us wanting to get away from it all and spend time doing something we love far away from home. Whether it’s going down a hill on a snowboard or kicking back and chilling on the beach, you’ll want to spend as much as possible on […]

Why Australian whiskey?

One of the greatest pleasures you can ever enjoy is having a glass of liquor when you need one, and the most recent goldmine for whiskey is Australia. I have never tasted Nectar, but I am sure it is nothing compared to this liquid gold from Oz. There is no strange art in making Australia […]

Give your family the gift that keeps on giving: quit smoking

Man smoking

Smoking impacts the people you love in so many ways. Every cigarette you smoke is loaded with toxins that not only impact your health but damage your family’s health as well. Secondary smoke is a major hazard for the families of smokers. Your family, particularly children didn’t choose to smoke, however, they are exposed to […]

12 tips for better home security

Lesbian couple moving in home

There’s no time like the present to improve your home security. Burglary rates are unfortunately on the rise across Australia, according to a 2019 study a home robbery occurs approximately every three minutes in Australia. It’s important to ensure you protect your home, precious possessions and loved ones in any way you can. There are many small changes you can make […]