How to make money while you’re travelling (and return with cash in your pocket)

Couple travel travelling

If you really enjoy travelling and you like to make money, finding ways to generate an income while you travel might seem like the ideal combination. While this may seem like a pipe dream, the truth is there are plenty of ways for you to earn an income while travelling the world. With new technologies […]

What features do today’s home buyers look for?

Home couple house

What does the modern home buyer look for? This could be an important question to ask if you’re planning to sell your property in the future. By improving your home to include one or two of the features, you could make your home more desirable (and you could even increase the value of your home). […]

HGH and anti-ageing effects. Is there any connection?

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There is a wave of change blowing through this country, and it is fueled by the desire of adults who no longer want to accept what fate has in store for them as they get older. These individuals know that they are going to live longer today than previous generations, and for that reason, they […]

Fixer-Upper or “Flipper-Upper”?

Man pruning tree

Money will dictate every single purchase we make in our home. But what about those people that have yet to buy their home? It can be easier to purchase a fixer-upper, but does this mean that we will spend more money getting it up to code? On the other hand, there are people who are […]

5 tips on healthy eating when you’re super busy


5 Tips on Healthy Eating When You’re Super Busy With a crazy schedule that is packed with work, school assignments, family, and friends, eating healthy can be a real challenge. You may also tend to abandon working out and sleeping adequately. The net effect of these things is an unhealthy and unfit body, which makes […]

Why the anti-aging industry is always growing

Older woman

Aging can be defined as a complex process that is manifested by decreasing functions in all structures in living organisms, affected by structural and environmental characteristics. Although there are many theories and views investigating various aspects of the aging process and old age, it has not been fully explained in all its aspects despite the […]

Changing your drinking habits: What’s Your Story?


Over the next two weeks, Melbourne will come alive with three artwork installations that highlight one thing: the drinking culture in Melbourne is taking a shift. But, is it for you? The City of Port Phillip, City of Stonnington and City of Melbourne are all coming together this summer to highlight a fundamental shift in […]

Queensland’s most spectacular beaches

Queensland beach

In a state with an area of 1,852,642 km², travellers will find themselves in tropical utopia when in Queensland. The state is home to the most spectacular areas of natural beauty, with over 25,000km of incredible coastline to enjoy and more than 10,000 breathtaking beaches to explore. Since the number of stunning beaches can be […]