8 essential items for your outback adventure

What is the outback exactly? Even if you’ve lived in Australia all your life, it can be difficult to define precisely what the word means, and if you’re a visitor, it’s even more of a challenge. We’ve all got an idea of what ‘outback’ means to us personally, but until you’re there in the unknown […]

Things that erase confidence and how to deal with them

Happy man

Life is complicated and unexpected, and there are many things that can happen to put a dent in your confidence. However carefree and ‘go with the flow’ you try to be, it’s inevitable that some things will affect you harder than you would want. This is normal, it happens to everyone and part of life […]

Holiday at home: Best ways to experience Cairns

Cairns beach Australia

We’ve been through a lot this year and most of us are aching for a little escape from the monotony of the day-to-day, but with the current global climate ruling international travel out for a while, more Aussies are set to holiday at home this year—and what better destination to do it than Cairns! With […]

Want to make money off your passion for travelling? Here’s a detailed guide on how to generate money from your travel blog

Couple travel travelling

Our ancestors were travelers who moved from one place to another in search of greener pastures. Over time, mankind gave up on the nomadic lifestyle and adopted an agricultural approach. As we have taken to a mode sedentary lifestyle, travel has taken a backseat and assumed the form of a hobby for most people. However, […]

Make sure your new home is safe before moving in

Front door house

The safety of your new home should be a top priority. When you move into a new place, especially when you own it, you need to check that everything is safe, and you’re going to be comfortable living there. That means taking a thorough look at the property to make sure there are no serious […]

Athletes: How cannabis improves their performance

Cigarette smoke smoking

More and more evidence is being uncovered by scientists and researchers on the positive effects of marijuana on athletes’ performance. In the US, with 29 states have legalised the medical use of cannabis, the acceptance in the medical and recreational use has lead to more studies being conducted in academic and research institutions to understand […]

Is a tummy tuck the best way to achieve a flat stomach?

Man abs

Tummy tucks remain popular for a reason. Whether used as a standalone procedure or as part of a body lift or mummy makeover, tummy tucks offer multiple benefits. By removing excess skin and unwanted fat, surgeons are able to create a flatter abdomen that you can feel confident about.  However, whether or not this is […]

3 sure fire ways to add value to your home

Modern house

While you might not be planning on selling up any time soon, you still might be keen to add value to your pad. You might be happy in your little patch of bricks and mortar, but you want to rejuvenate it, give it a makeover, and increase the resale value of your home in the […]