Safety features a renter can’t forget

Home robbery

When you’re renting a home or an apartment, security will no doubt be one of your primary concerns. Most renters will take some time to suss out the area, have a look around the neighbouring streets and decide whether they would feel comfortable living there from a security standpoint. While homeowners can take a lot […]

How your bedding affects sleep quality

Woman sleeping

If you live to be 75, you’ll have spent 25 of those years sleeping. Sleep is so important for healthy functioning during the day, and if you’re getting enough sleep you’ll be more alert, on the ball and are likely to retain more information and generally be more successful in life. But not everybody gets […]

The DIY approach to moving heavy furniture

Moving lift couch

Moving home can be a stressful, time-consuming and expensive thing to do. Organising all of your documents, getting your things in order and packing everything up, ready to be move takes time and a lot of patience. It’s always great when family and friends pitch into help with the move and you can save yourself […]

Diamonds from ashes on the rise in Australia

Diamond ring

A popular post burial trend is creating diamonds from ashes which is spreading fast across major funeral markets in the Asia Pacific region such as in Japan, Hong Kong, China and South Korea among others and more recently, in Australia. This is because a large number of Australians are looking for innovative and more affordable […]

The best restaurants in Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Found in Central America and home to some incredibly beautiful beaches and volcanoes, Costa Rica is simply an amazing vacation destination. With an intriguing history and home to some stunning costa rica villas for rent, it’s easy to see why this country is attracting more visitors every year. Inevitably, when you visit somewhere new you […]

13 easy ways to create a zen office space on a budget

Office Kikki.K stationery

The hectic modern lifestyle, especially in offices, has led to increased popularity of the Zen décor style. Busy offices involve a full day of the never-ending web of warfare and business battles that can easily tire the mind of a worker. It, therefore, becomes imperative for office owners to create a soothing Zen-like office space. […]

5 simple interior additions by Timothy Oulton to refresh your home

Modern home

It doesn’t matter whether you’re buying, renting, still with Mum and Dad or living out of a car; styling the inside of what you call home can be hard! Whether you’re thinking Scandi, Retro, modern, contemporary, Gothic or anything in-between, there are few designers out there with something for everyone with the price tag and […]

5 simple ways to increase your brand recognition

Starbucks cup

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, building brand awareness should be one of your top priorities. Think about it from your own perspective – when you’re searching for a product or service, aren’t you more likely to choose a brand that you recognise over an unknown competitor? Establishing a cohesive brand image will make customers more […]

Here’s why technology is so important for businesses

Shaking hands

Running a business is a difficult task to say the least. After all, you have to think about your profit margin, your bottom line, your customers and even your company image as well. This can cause you real problems if you are not careful because one small mistake could bring your whole business crashing down. […]

5 benefits of wearing a cheeky wig

Aside from the obvious behind the benefits of wearing a wig – whereby you get to look like someone other than the real or, or, in-fact, the real you – they come with a myriad of other perks and joys that no one ever really gives them the time of day for. They do away […]

Building for business – A guide to developing commercial real estate


Have you recently decided that commercial property development is the direction in which you want to travel? If so, congratulations! Commercial real estate can include office buildings, retail outlets, hotels, industrial and agribusiness. Regardless of which sector you dive into, there are some basics you will need to master in order to successfully develop your […]

Campervans: the perfect travel buddy

Camper van

Travelling has always been a childhood craze. I remember myself tearing my papers into puzzle pieces, connecting each with tape and traversing the marker to lush greenery yet to be discovered, to unknown terrains only a child of wonder can conjure. The walls at home were filled, not with wallpaper, but with pictures of the […]