3 amazing tips on how to fully adapt to remote working

As a business owner, leveraging the power of remote workers has the potential of upscaling your operations, reducing your overall expenses, as well as ensuring individual productivity.  Over the past few years, most organizations have had to move to remote working environments instead of the outdated physical mode of operation. In all honesty, your best […]

Affiliate marketing as a way of passive income

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With an increasing number of people working from home, it is no wonder that jobs that are remote by default are gaining in popularity. For influencers and copywriters, alike affiliate marketing has become one of the best modes of income.  Additionally, for those who can create high-quality websites, it can become a form of passive […]

Keeping your downtime to a minimum

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In order for a business to be fully effective in whatever it is aiming to do, you need to make sure that you are being as productive as possible. There are a lot of things that you need to think about here, but one of the major ones is to make sure that you are […]

How generous is Sydney with its offers to attract tourists?


Sydney is one of the world’s top tourist destinations, attracting more than 16 million people every year. This is thanks to the numerous world-renowned attractions such as the Opera House, Harbour Bridge, and Bondi Beach. Because the tourism industry here is thriving, it has led to a lot of competition between tourist attractions. This, in […]

Essential programs for employees relocation

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The pandemic has transformed the workplace, forcing businesses to embrace remote working solutions to survive. According to the European Commission, 35% to 40% of employees have reportedly worked from home most of the time during the pandemic. Similar figures appear across the world in developed economies, including the USA and Australia. While the remote trend […]

Why employers must consider corporate wellbeing programs that focus on mental health

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A study published in the ‘Journal of Clinical Psychiatry’ reveals that 85% of employee mental health problems go undiagnosed. Given the stigma that surrounds mental health, what are the odds that your employees are experiencing an undiagnosed mental health problem? Mental Health conditions are costing Australian businesses $11 billion annually in the form of reduced […]

Organise and declutter your home to create a sense of calm

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Home is a space of peace and calm, for most. Here’s how to achieve it.

Freelancing in the free world: being a nomadic creative

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There’s a lot of talk about being a digital nomad but what about being a nomadic creative? In other words, someone who goes where the work is. For many creative types, this is essential. As a result, you end up getting in your car and forever feeling like you are on a road trip. But […]