A new reason to go to Hawai’i

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The Hawai‘i Tourism Authority has announced Qurator, a revolutionary certification for Hawai‘i-based businesses that underscores responsible tourism practices.

This initiative strategically guides visitors to products and experiences that not only delight but also positively impact the environment, community, and local economy.

“Qurator isn’t just a stamp of approval,” said Mufi Hannemann, HTA board chair. “It speaks to a set of brand values for the Hawaiian Islands, showing our deep commitment to our land, our people, our culture, and our guests. It’s a recognition of the interdependent relationship between businesses, visitors, and our broader local community.”

The evaluation process for Qurator certification is meticulous, assessing businesses on six key criteria: Environment, Cultural Support, Equity, Safety, Community, and Guest Experience. Thirteen businesses, including renowned airlines like Alaska Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines, were certified during a pilot program that commenced in May.

HTA’s interim president, Daniel N?ho‘opi‘i, remarked that Qurator is instrumental in helping travellers identify businesses that uphold responsible tourism values. Each business undergoes a rigorous survey comprising between 150-225 questions, which are then independently scored and audited. Businesses achieving this certification are recognised in ascending order of accomplishment: “Qurator Certified,” “Qurator Honored,” and “Qurator Elite.”

Developed in collaboration with the Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement (CNHA), Qurator sets unprecedented standards across diverse tourism sectors, ranging from airlines to surf schools. The program’s development involved extensive input from over 100 groups, including industry and advocacy organisations, alongside a 24-member advisory committee.

Emphasising its comprehensiveness, Qurator emerges as the most all-encompassing quality mark in the visitor industry, welcoming all licensed and legally compliant Hawai‘i businesses. It delves into pressing issues such as wage inequality, environmental conservation, and cultural preservation, setting the stage for unparalleled excellence in sustainable tourism. For more details, visit the Hawai‘i Tourism Authority’s website.