We’re now in the age where your measurements and a computer are all you need to go shopping.


There’s an American company called ZipFit, a Chicago (USA) based start-up who’s cottoned onto this fact and has capitalised majorly, making it one of the first organisation I know of that operates without the explicit need for someone to be there.

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ZipFit targets men and men only. They know that men generally hate shopping, don’t know what they’re looking for and want an easy experience as possible – all of which is true.

They’re a retailer helping men find perfect fitting jeans in minutes, using proprietary fit technology and after having only been open since October 2012, is now up to its second store with a view to moving almost wholly online.


As the company continues to grow, ZipFit’s goal is to bypass the brick and mortar shopping experience altogether and service most customers via their online store. The process online is just as simple as in store.

Shoppers go to the ZipFit website to find their fit quickly using the company’s fit technology.  The fit technology consists of two surveys, Quick Match and the Fit Finder:

– Quick Match provides results for fits based on jeans similar to what he already owns.

– The Fit Finder is for men that don’t have a pair they love and need help finding one.

The customer then selects the jeans based upon his results and can quickly check out. The jeans purchased are altered and shipped free of charge to the customer. The customer’s information from his measurements to past purchases are stored. The next time he needs a pair of jeans, it’s quick, painless, and personalised.

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