‘Darling’ is a term we in the fashion industry are all too familiar with. So, it only made sense that someone beat us to it and named their entire design business just that.

The word Zhivago is Russian for everyone’s favourite darling. A Perth-based label founded by friends and co-designers Lara Kovacevich and Lydia Tsvetnenko (you can see where the Russian influence comes from, no?), it focuses largely on offering something a little more dramatic for the everyday twist on contemporary style.

The ladies’ aesthetic is strong. That’s the most notable aspect of their design work. Strong shoulder structuring and dramatic accentuations of a woman’s curves and bodice are striking in each piece, accentuated by tasteful and elegant colour palettes that befit even the most adventurous wearer’s taste.

Zhivago’s AW13 collection entitled Ready For Battle is comprised of leather, wool and heavy metal embellishments to add allure and enhance the strong yet feminine overtone of all Zhivago’s pieces.

With a wide range of sharp shapes and structured silhouettes crafted from durable and practical fabrics, the predominantly dark coloured collection is a great reflection of Zhivago’s signature look.

The label launched in 2011 and so showcased their range at 2013?s L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival in conjunction with YEN Magazine and The Thousands. From here, the label made its Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week debut in the New Gen show at Carriageworks on April 12th.

See their website at www.houseofzhivago.com

Zhivago 2

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