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Support where it counts, quality fabrics and a killer fit that you know won’t give way after a day’s running around are what makes Australian underwear label Zayn so wearable.

Entrepreneurial Jarryd Haefele has stepped-up to the plate to create a brand that no only makes undies, but makes them well, so you can’t help but pay attention – and rightfully so.

His brand Zayn is his own creation from 2013, born of his dedication to support the work in men’s mental health of Beyond Blue and to provide to men an alternative to hold-up their bits that doesn’t readily exist – unless you pay a small fortune.

Jarryd’s line of underwear supports the mental health initiatives of Beyond Blue, which he references and promotes through the colourful and positive nature of the collection all the while with a touch of humour and playfulness. The name itself is a play on the word ‘sane’, apt given it supports men who’re going through some sorts of mental instabilities.

Because the world of undies is so competitive with everyone from Giorgio Armani to Calvin Kleinn to Elle Macpherson participating in the men’s market, a small Australian operation needs a competitive cut-through to help it on its way. Jarryd noticed that quality can differ between garments – including those produced by the big boys in the industry. He made a point to have every pair of Zayn underwear designed locally by himself and manufactured internationally using only the best materials.

“In order to live a sane life, you need to address the little things, which is why comfort and quality remain key selling features of my brand,” said Jarryd.

The fits of Zayn are a personal preference, as much as the style is for wearers, says Jarryd.

“It comes down to personal preference and depends on the day-to-day activities of the person in question. However, I am a firm believer in briefs and hipsters. Not only do they offer great support and coverage (and more room for your male bits to breathe), but they look also aesthetically great which is always a bonus,” laughed Jarryd.

“At the end of the day, I guess that age-old question still stands, ‘are you a brief or boxer man?,'” says Jarryd.

As for the future of the world of Zayn undies, Zayn will definitely move into women’s underwear and will also grow to include an array of other male offerings. Jarryd really wants to focus on establishing a strong customer base and perfecting my first range fully.

Jarryd says that consistency is so important in this day and age, particularly in the clothing industry, so to give customers the very best of the best, he had to pour my heart and soul into my men’s line.

At last a brand of substance.

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