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You need to see the Viktor & Rolf exhibition at the NGV

On until 26 February this year, Melbourne’s premiere art gallery, the National Gallery of Victoria is housing some of the most astounding pieces of fashion couture from Dutch designers, Viktor & Rolf.

From their tumultuous history and determination to break well free from the regular conventions of fellow designers both in Antwerp and the greater European fashion industry, the V&R name is an illustrious one.

Their couture vision is relatively unchallenged as they have never succumbed to the status quo. Their visions are as unique to them in what they produce as their very presentation of it all; a method they have become very well-known for.

The collection at the NGV contains the Russian doll collection: a series of over seven dresses that graduate in layers and complexity to one final, all-encompassing coccoon-like dress. The pair’s ‘Zen’ collection is as dramatic and quintessentially ‘black’ as the most gothic of tastes would permit, while the ‘Wearable Art’ collection pieces steal the show of the main thoroughfare in the NGV’s gallery, as mannequins don the framed pieces of the designer’s creative outlets.

Everything they do is memorable, everything they do is inspired and everything they do is their own. The exhibition is an absolute must-see.

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