You Know Lady Gaga, Now Meet Mr. Gaga

They say that art ‘works’ when you can feel it have an effect on you, either physically or emotionally. Director Tomer Heymann was present at the premier of his warm and moving film ‘Mr Gaga and gave the audience a unique insight into how choreographer Ohad Naharin – whom the documentary is centred around – did just that when a young Heymann saw his company’s work, allowing him to feel more secure about coming out as a gay man.

The documentary follows the life and career of Naharin, allowing us unprecedented insight into his dance origins, relationships, and the language of his movement known as gaga. Heymann has captured moments of the artist’s life, spliced with archival rehearsal and performance footage that enable the audience to feel transported to a live performance by Naharin and his company. This structure transcends boundaries of time and space and also allows the film to have a truly intimate and familiar tone that effects the watcher and draws them in to the world appearing on screen.

Naharin’s work is spectacular to say the least and it is incredible to see how the language of his movement was informed by moments in his life and limitations placed upon his body by injuries that can unfortunately be all too familiar to dancers. Now, in his 60s, Naharin is still fit, limber, and bringing people of all ages joy through dance and movement using the language of gaga.

Mr Gaga is part of the HOTDOCS documentary festival showing at Palace Cinemas in Melbourne, Canberra, and Sydney until July 3rd.







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