Tella Balls cafe Sydney

You don’t know ‘World Nutella Day’ til you’ve seen it at Tella Balls

Tella Balls know how to do anything with Nutella. So, for World Nutella Day – which falls on 5 February – you know they’ve got something good planned.

Nutella Tella Balls Tella Ball Slider

They’re celebrating with the ultimate pancake challenge: devour into six stacked pancakes smothered in Nutella topped with vanilla bean gelato in 10 minutes to win the meal for free.

Sounds doable until you see just how decadent that stack really is.

Tella Balls quickly carved a name for themselves in Australia as being the go-to place for all things Nutella, doughnuts, desserts and gastronomic sing you never want to stop eating, but have to.

Their menu is epic, the guy who runs it knows what works and what’s more… They really, love Nutella. Bring it.

Nutella Tella Balls Doughnut Cone

Nutella Tella Balls Nutella Waffle Stack

Feature image: Lily Chen for THE F. Others: supplied. 


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