Are you going to be a World Cup widow?

This week sees the start of what for many people is the most exciting sports tournament in the world and you’d have had to be living under a rock for the past few months not to know that the FIFA World Cup is about to kick-off in Brazil.

For soccer fans around the world it’s a really exciting time, perhaps more so than with any other World Cup in recent history, simply because the Brazilians are so passionate about football. They’re going to make this thing exciting even if the players on the pitch don’t live up to expectations!

But what do you do if you’re not interested in the ‘beautiful game’? Do you prepare yourself with a few good books to get you through some lonely evenings as your partner and his mates schedule in where and when they’re going to watch the games, or do you take the ‘if you can’t beat them, you may as well join them’ approach?

One way to increase your interest is to learn a little bit about how the tournament will play out. It’s not rocket science and you’ll find the media is full of stories from the different team training camps. Check out to find out the latest team developments.

Another way to make the tournament more interesting is to have a few bets on different outcomes. Brazil has won the World Cup more than any other nation, and is already tipped to win this year, with most bookies offering odds of around 3/1. However, there are loads of other bets you can place which will keep you watching throughout the tournament. For example, you could back the player who you think will win the Golden Boot, or the one you think will score the most goals. From a slightly more negative view point, you can also bet on which teams you think will be first to crash out, or how many red cards certain players will get.

Looking at the World Cup from an Aussie perspective, the Socceroos don’t have a great chance of getting that far, having been placed in a Group with current holders Spain, Chile and Holland. But if you want to back the boys anyway, they currently are priced at about 33/1 to win Group B. It’d definitely be a bet worth having if that were to happen!

If you don’t think you can muster up enough enthusiasm to sit through all the matches, you could take another tack and be the perfect hostess for your visitors when the game’s on at your place. Dedicated footie fans won’t want to be trekking out to the kitchen to get another beer, they’d really appreciate a bit of being waited on hand and foot so they can concentrate on the game!

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