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World Class Cocktail Week is on, so The Gretz is where you need to be

If cocktails are your thing and you can’t help but have a tipple at all of the best venues Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane combined, have to offer, then World Class Cocktail Week is for you.

It all comes to a head on World Cocktail Day after the week’s conclusion from 7-13 May, which you can read more about here, but basically, it celebrates all sorts of drankz with over 100 experiences across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Click that link above to see what’s happening, where.

It’s all about celebrating not only quality bevs, but also, about bringing about some well-deserved attention on some of the country’s best talent in hospitality that are masters at the art of a good cocktail.

“Shining a light on some of Australia’s best hospitality talent, World Class Cocktail Week celebrates the skill, creativity and inspiration that goes into creating cocktails,” said Natalie Ng, Australia’s World Class Ambassador. “The events provide a fantastic opportunity for venues to showcase what they are best at and guests to experience cocktails in new, fun and interactive ways.”

Tessa Sparks, the bar supervisor at one of Sydney’s edgiest joints in Enmore, The Gretz, got chatty about all things ‘World Class Cocktail Week’ in advance of the big fest.

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The good thing about The Gretz is that it definitely has its own thing going on, with a nice long bar, funky denim enwrapped stools and bartender who know their stuff.

“With every cocktail, be it a classic or one of our own, we aim to give it a little spark while also maintaining simplicity. We also think that as a neighbourhood bar, it’s great to connect with people doing great stuff in the area, so all our tap beers and cider are from local breweries,” said Tessa.

Couple their rad offering with what Tessa points out is the bartender’s unique point of difference – “Great chats, fresh drinks, and food that will have you have you loosening your belt – it’s kind of obvious The Gretz has something fresh to bring to the table.

But, pulling the wool over their loyal band of cocktail lovers is not a part of The Gretz’s M.O., so they make a concerted effort to come up with new recipes to really wow their regulars, newcomers and those drinkers with a more refined (albeit critical) palette.

“In creating a new cocktail it’s great to be innovative, but always trust in the wisdom of time. The taste combinations that are tried and true are a great place to start, then add something with pizazz. And then the golden rule is to be sure you have covered all your taste bases and it is balanced to a tee,” said Tessa.

Keep your eyes peeled here for more.

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