Stylish Men’s Rings? Look No Further Than The Wooden Circle

The Wooden Circle make wooden rings. Pure and simple. However, it’s the style with which it’s done that really sets the brand apart from those cheaper, nasty options you see scattered all over backstreet markets and dodgy-looking Etsy websites.

The Wooden Circle was founded and is pioneered by Joseph Jáuregui. A jewellery by trade with a penchant for taste, quality and a unique eye for creating something truly bespoke.

It’s a family operated set-up with Joseph and his wife who works the creative photography side of the business, ensuring their pieces always look 100% aspirational.

Bentwood rings take a particular skill and enthusiasm, both to create and wear. To shape a piece of wood into something to-order, often inlaid with silver, steel, pearl or other precious materials – and often delicate – takes time, patience and a love for the work, which is something Joseph has mastered.

The beauty about working with FSC certified local and exotic wood is that each piece that The Wooden Circle produces from their home studio is unique, bespoke and made with individuality. Talk about enticing!

They’re light, durable, sealed and striking with nothing but attention to detail and an air of elegance wrapped around the wearer’s finger with each piece sold.

Speaking of, check out their collection at the website HERE.





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