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Women in the wine industry: a toast to International Women’s Day with CellarMasters

The world of distilling, brewing, and viticulture can seem like an exceptionally male-dominated one. Almost every woman has a horror story of having a bearded bartender mansplain craft beer to her, or a self-dubbed whiskey expert drone on and on about the difference between scotch and bourbon. It’s enough to drive one to drink, literally, which is why it’s so exciting – and really refreshing – to be a part of a night designed to celebrate the women who have worked so bloody hard to make the drinks we all enjoy.

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To mark International Women’s Day, CellarMasters brought together some of Australia’s best and most accomplished female winemakers for an evening of winetasting and education. Looking out over the harbour at Hickson’s Bay, attendees were invited to meet the winemakers and try their wares: from Pinot Gris to Pinot Noir and everything in between.

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For wine newbies, CellarMasters staff were on hand to answer any pressing questions, and for those interested in getting some insider info on the winemaking process (and what it’s like being a woman in an industry so traditionally dominated by men), the winemakers were available to introduce their best drops and answer any and all questions you could possibly think of.

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With liberal amounts of cheese and canapés available to line the stomach and prevent everyone from getting too tipsy, it was a convivial and joyous evening of celebrating women who are true leaders in their industry. We’ll drink to that any day.

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