Wok On Inn

A clever play on words, a delicately and meticulously planned menu and a team of directors and business drivers whose passion lies in food and Asian culture… Talk about a great operation.

Wok On Inn is only young and at this stage, focused solely in Sydney. They have six stores, each with its own feel, each with its own customer base, but with a menu that remains strong the whole chain throughout.

They import their sauces from Asia for wholesome, real flavours; they even bring the chefs over, too, to make sure everything is just right.

It’s a matter of pride for the owner Ankur and a matter of dignity for the chefs and their – most of the time – bustling team of kitchen hands and junior chefs.

It’s a small operation behind the scenes, but a massive operation at face value.

Open for lunch and dinner most days, Wok On Inn is the alternative when you don’t want to cook, the easy down-the-road option to end a weekend and a friendly face to put to a local Asian flavour you never knew you wanted so readily until it was there.

See more at their website for where, when, who and how: wokoninn.com.au

Nasi Goreng

Pad Thai

Drunken Noodles

Wonton Soup

Singapore Street Noodles

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