New tech: Buttons

Thanks to the music artist and the tech company he founded, buttons aren’t just for keeping your clothes on and pants up, they’re now a legit piece of tech that bridges the gaps you didn’t think existed.

The new ‘BUTTONS‘ by are smothered in and Kendall Jenner’s faces, making them likely the hottest new audio tech out there. Couple that with the usual perks like four different colours, a bunch of nifty tech specs and the whole aesthetic nature of them, which dissimilarly to what other tech brands out there are doing in relation to micro sizing, go in the opposite direction, they’re actually really great.

They’re all about tying together the difference between technology and accessories for life into the one, handy little unit.

The actual BUTTON look is purely aesthetic, save the fact that in the discs themselves are two magnets that allow the separate earbuds to stay together, turning the unit into more of a casually thrown-on necklace-type piece, they’re quite different. Add in that the control bud comes with a microphone allowing your BUTTONS to double as a hands-free set, they’re handy as much as they are unique and set you up as well for life as they do to look extra.

Get onto it.

See more about the BUTTONS at the website.

Feature image: Facebook page


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