Winter Warmer: Home made pies

Pie Face is that colossal pie chain that has sprouted more arms than a pod of octopi and operates essentially 24 hours of each and every day.

With operations now having gone international, it’s no wonder they’re one of the most well recognised pie and fast food franchises of the time.

I thought it might be a cute idea to put together some quick tips from Pie Face’s head chef Francois Cointrel on how best to make your own home made pie this winter to stave away the chills and stay warm and cosy.

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1. Quality first – Always choose high quality ingredients when it come to meat and vegetables. It makes all the difference when it comes to flavour. At Pie Face, we source ours from some of Australia’s most respected supplier including Oakdale meat and M&J Chicken. Never be scared to experiment with flavours but don’t ignore the classics – Angus beef, red wine and rich gravy will forever be a match made in pie heaven.

2.  Preparation –Make sure you have everything laid out before you start as it’s so much easier to get cooking when you have your ingredients in front of you. Invest in a good iron pot for cooking your pie filling and a good heavy pie tray to bake your delicious pies.

3.  Oven care – It may sound obvious, but get to know your oven. It’s your best friend when cooking a pie and the temperatures and timings of how you cook are so important to the end result. You want to make sure your top and bottom pastry is bake through and golden brown you want a firm bottom that doesn’t collapse in the first bite.

4. Cooking – To make sure the pie filling getting all the savour of the ingredient, marinate your meat overnight in a good red wine with spice and vegetable and cook until your meat is very tender in the touch but don’t overcook or you will loss of your beautiful piece of Angus chunk, make a roux and mix in your rich gravy until smove but not too thick. Don’t overfill the pie with filling and roll out quality puff pastry.

5.  Experimentation – Pies should never be boring so get experimenting. Curry Ketchup, German mustards, Horseradish Aioli, Chipotle Mayo, the choices and combinations are only limited by your imagination! Don’t just stick to the normal Tomato and BBQ sauces; think creatively to enhance your taste experience!

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Francois Cointrel is the Chief Baker at Pie Face, Australia’s leading micro bakery cafe with over 70 franchise stores across Australia, offering delicious handmade sweet and savoury pies, pastries, muffins, and sandwiches.

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