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Be a wine pro with the ultimate list of wines to try

Wine, wine everywhere and oh god what a lot to drink. We’re big fans of wine here, but have you ever wondered what it means to ‘taste’ wine?

Aside from purely pouring it down your neck, wine requires somewhat of a degree of talent to appreciate, a refined palette to identify and a few years of study – or helpful hints on which are the best to drink like the ones below – to set you up as the cut above the rest when it comes to knowing what you’re talking about.

Andrew Caillard is one of the country’s greatest wine experts and he’s put together a list of the best wines worth tasting for your next party, dinner, or regular evening at home…

Balliamo Pinot Grigio

Balliamo, meaning ‘Let’s Dance’ in Italian, captures the crisp and refreshing Pinot Grigio style that Northern Italy is known for.  On the palate the wine is fresh and lively with ripe pear, lemon curd and grapefruit flavours and a classic mid-palate viscosity and persistent crisp acidity. It finishes with a minerally aftertaste and superb flavour length.

Balliamo Pinot Grigio_Front

Craftsman Style Series Pinot Grigio

The Craftsman style series challenges our winemakers to craft a wine that is true to the way customers describe flavour and texture – Big & Bold, Sweet & Delicious or Rich & Smooth.The varieties and regions chosen for these wines are well known, however the most important factor is that each wine perfectly reflects its style and the way it is described on the label.

Craftsman Light Pinot Grigio

Fontera Pinot Noir

Frontera is world’s best-selling Chilean wine,Their vineyards are found in Chile’s central valley, a fertise basin surrounded by awe-inspiring nature. It’s  the perfect place for winemaking. The range is an all-encompassing collection of delightful and easy drinking new world styles.

Frontera Pinot Noir

Casillero del Diablo Carmenere

Available in more than 135 countries, Casillero del Diablo is the most widely known Premium brand of Chilean wine in the world. More than 100 y ears ago, Don Melchor created a Legend. Soon after the founder of Concha y Toro winery began to store bottles in his personal cellar, he noticed that local villagers were taking his finest wines. Knowing the superstitious nature of his workers, he spread the rumor that a devil lived in his cellar. That was the beginning of the legend: Casillero del Diablo, the devil’ s cellar.

Castillero del Diablo Carmenere

Cat Amongst the Pigeon Barossa Shiraz

Cat Amongst The Pigeons wines are sourced from low-yielding vines planted in the ancient soils of the Barossa Valley. Adhering to a philosophy of ‘quality is determined by palate not price’, the multi-award winning yet moderately priced, Cat Amongst The Pigeons range of wines has been duly recognised at Australian Wine Shows and heralded by Australian and international wine industry luminaries alike.

Cat Amongst The Pigeons Barossa Shiraz

Chris Ringland Reservation Shiraz

Since making his first wine at a young age, Chris Ringland has dedicated his life to winemaking. Calling the Barossa home for over 20 years, Chris continues to create world famous, award winning Shiraz wines.

Chris Ringland Reservation

Twelve Degrees Pinot Noir

Temperature is everything when it comes to winemaking. The best Pinot Noir grapes are planted in cooler wine regions to ensure quality and superiority. The temperature then must be perfectly timed during its harvesting and bottling to promise excellent ripeness and flavour. Twelve degrees is the optimum drinking temperature for Pinot Noir when the aromatics and flavours of the wine can be enjoyed at their best. Twelve Degrees Pinot Noir from New Zealand is brimming with terroir driven flavours of ripe cherry and spice accented oak, it’s cool climate Pinot Noir class in a glass.

Twelve Pinot Noir


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