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Turns out you actually need a CROSS pen in your life; here’s how to win

In this world of computers the need for being the one to answer anyone’s desperate plea, “does someone¬†have a pen?” with a confident “yes” is becoming less-and-less a thing. But that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t happen.

Being the man who can effortlessly flick out a fine writing apparatus to save the day has something to suave associated with it, it’s a wonder we’ve let writing die as far and hard as it has.

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So that’s why CROSS, a company whose very existence revolves around the ability of people to still literally put pen to paper, is bringing it back in an insanely stylish way.

Their story is an old one that begins over 170 years ago in 1846 when Richard Cross, an English artisan, sailed to America and set about making ingenious writing instruments. In partnership with his son Alonzo Townsend Cross, they revolutionised fine writing instruments and the way people so beautifully express themselves when putting ink to paper.

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These days, they’re still around, but have adapted to the changing landscape of pensmanship, introducing such things like stylus tips to their pens and bold, wild designs. They’re stunning.

They are a pen manufacturer with a range befitting Presidents, often seen as the ultimate writing tools. In fact, CROSS is the pen of choice for US Presidents for the signing of important documents- a symbol of trust and style.

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How to win…

Closes 11:59PM AEST on Sunday 4 June 2017. Winner will be emailed directly.

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