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‘The Gourmet Pommies’, Will & Steve’s secret behind food

Food is life, life is food so when you get two dudes who’re good at combining the two enough to have made a successful career out of it – and launched a book about it, to boot – you know they know their stuff.

The two in question are Will & Steve a.k.a. ‘The Gourmet Pommies’ from that TV show who made their most recent appearance at the Taste of Sydney celebration in Sydney’s Centennial Park. Talking to them reveals two things: 1) food should be fun, and 2) seafood is hard!

When it comes to describing their approach to food and how it all slots together into your approach to the kitchen, Will and Steve keep it fairly simple.

“We just have fun with it all. Keeping it fresh makes it easy and if you cook what you love, you won’t go far wrong,” said Will. “Food for Will and I has always been about sharing, love and celebration. If we can put smiles on people’s faces, we know our approach is the right one,” Steve continued.

And you know how sometimes food and cooking and the thought of the whole darn mess can be made that much more daunting by virtue of the fact you can’t find ingredients? Well, if these two are any authority to listen to; that’s a non-issue.

“[If you can’t get the ingredients you need] panic, leave the trolley in the middle of the aisle, walk out the supermarket!” said Steve, which Will backed-up.

“This happens fairly often. He usually comes back when he has a replacement ingredient in mind. God forbid if they don’t have that either!”

The two still make it work for themselves, though. They appeared in a cooking demonstration at Taste of Sydney and wowed the crowd with their versatility and general mateship behind the chopping board, which begged the question, ‘how did they come-up with simple and nutritious recipes for festival-goers to replicate at home?’ Turns out you don’t need recipes, they say.

I think they are great as a guide and the visuals can be very inspiring but I rarely follow them through to the end,” Steve said.

Will’s favourite dish is a duck pot pie that the two of them crafted together which you might need a recipe for, but otherwise, feel free to wing it.

And if that’s not your flavour of approach, then expect a confounded response from the likes of Will and Steve, who just don’t get it.

“[People who say they haven’t found the joy of cooking yet] I stare blankly at them in disbelief. I still like them more than the food bloggers who have never cooked a meal in their life yet feel the need to critique every restaurant, chef and McDonald’s outlet!” said Steve.

“I encourage people to look at my own journey and see how much my joy for cooking has changed my life. I couldn’t be happier,” continued Will.

But just because you might be an accomplished foodie at home and a TV cook-come-foodlebrity, doesn’t mean everything comes as a dream. Seafood is hard for the best of them and for Will and Steve, they’re not exempt.

“Oysters throw me off every time. I want to love them but I just can’t bring myself to,” said Steve. Whereas Will isn’t much of a sea urchin fan, he mentioned, reminiscing, “I had a very bad experience is Japan that I don’t ever want to revisit.”

As understandable as that is, the two of them have managed to turn their love of food and the joy they feel when cooking into a life for themselves that they couldn’t be happier with. Get cooking!

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