Why You Should Visit Coogee Beach This March

Merivale takes over Sydney every March for their March Into Merivale food festival that is the driving force behind so many of its city-wide establishments and venues. One such event that heralds the end of the festival is the Coogee Foreshore Festival, which comes to the beach this 20 March.

It’s a time when Coogee Pavilion’s ground floor will be transformed into a bustling market place where guests can choose from Vincenzo Biondini’s famous wood-fired pizzas, freshly shucked oysters, the Coogee Dinner burger with bacon and sleazy cheese, kingfish wrapped in vine leaves or rich burrata with apple, honey, thyme and almond crumb. Veuve Clicquot will even be on hand with a decadent pop-up bar to wash down the finger-licking fare. We spoke with Coogee Pavillion’s chef, Jordan Toft on why it’s such a quality festival in Sydney’s east. This is what he had to say…

Coogee Pavillion 2

Why is Coogee the perfect place for a fun-filled food carnival? It seems like a very relaxed, good-time community?

Coogee Pavilion has something for everyone! Our normal day already has a carnival vibe so the Foreshore Carnival is just a way for us to go bigger and better for the community to enjoy.

What are some of the guilty pleasure food and drinks that will be on offer?

We will be showcasing a whole range of amazing dishes from Coogee Pavilion – the Queen Margarita Pizza, freshly shucked oysters, our Coogee Dinner burger loaded with bacon and sleazy cheese, kingfish wrapped in vine leaves and charred and rich burrata salad. Gelato will be on offer with our Guilty Pleasure flavour named Fat Tony, a creamy base with marsala soaked sponge, crumbled amaretti, chocolate and espresso swirl. Some of Merivale’s best venues including the award winning Mr. Wong will also make an appearance, serving up their signature style.

How can people make the most of the Pavilion?

Get in early and avoid the crowds at the oyster bar followed by a slice of pizza straight out of the wood fired oven. Enjoy one of the shows out on the stage and a few bites from other Merivale venues including Mr. Wong and Sushi e outside on the promenade. Next make a b-line for Coogee Pavilion’s main kitchen – a sneaky burger never hurt anyone – and don’t forget to cool off with gelato cone! Continue the afternoon on the Rooftop, watching the sun set with a cocktail in hand.

There’ll be plenty of tasty gelato on offer – if you could create any gelato flavour, what would it be?

We’ve created a lot of gelato flavours for you to try – my pics are Fat Tony, White Chocolate with Salted Caramel Ripple, Lemon Tart and the refreshing Blood Orange.

See more at the Merivale website here.

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