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Why you need to try the new Metaxa 12 Stars

Greek, smooth and strong, Metaxa 12 Stars is the stuff of your dreams. Well, maybe not all of your dreams but while Achilles is still moaning about his heel, Metaxa 12 is likely to outpace his place in your heart.

Created in 1888 by the man Metaxa himself, this nectar holds more power and mystery than a Greek Parthenon and Mount Olympus combined. Conjured into being by the fifth Metaxa Master, Constantinos Raptis has created a whole new experience with Metaxa 12 Stars. This swirling amber liquid is the product of a whole lot of genius, skill, ‘I ain’t gna tell you nothing’ and glorious sun on the Greek island of Samos. There Constantinos Raptis and his trusted few age and blend wine distillates, add a dash of Muscat wines, all from said exotic island of Samos, and ekpliktikós (wonderful)! You have a suave and powerful brandy that is smoother than sun-tanned Greek lad.

With an appearance of radiant amber and those tantalising copper reflections you may find yourself mesmerised at a slightly tanned version of yourself before diving in. Metaxa 12 stars boasts an impressive array of flavour notes, all vying for your attention, from a bouquet of dried figs, orange peel and fine spicy aromatic herbs to a palate of dark cacao, honeyed figs and prunes, as the label highlights, you don’t drink it, you explore it. And explore it you will, sip after sip the notes dance on your tongue having and giving you the time of your life.

Having teamed up with world adventurer and every single dangerous place you can imagine – er, Mike Horn, Metaxa 12 Stars has put its ethos and money where its beliefs are. Mike Horn being a professional adventurer has scaled almost every mountain worth scaling, walked across the arctic mid-winter and is attempting to circumnavigate the globe pole to pole. He is a man of utter grit and fine taste. He only uses what he needs. And he’s all about Metaxa 12 Stars.

And that folks, is all the persuading you need to dive into this elegant drink that flows higher than the rest.

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