Why Yabb Is The New WhatsApp

So, imagine everything you know and love about the apps out there that offer data-driven free messaging services, online chat, picture, video and voice memo sharing; throw them out the window and make way for Yabb: the latest alternative on the market.

Yabb is an app that brings everything good about online chat and puts it into one, right in perfect time for all the major events of the summer season. It combines free online messaging, voice, text, videos and photos to anyone in your contact list on the app, bringing your friends closer and contacts easier to reach.


It’s only a new development and aims to combine the best of all the world’s most popular apps in one. Its fully customisable theming, background and colours add a new dimension to each and every chat window, too, meaning conversations are SO much easier to keep track of.

By far the best feature of the new app is the disappearing text element of each chat window, which if set, will force the content sent in chat to disappear. Move right over, thanks Snapchat! By including this level of playfulness and privacy, Yabb has nailed the most desirable part of online chat these days in their own product. Genius!

Coupled with animated stickers that, yeah, go often unused but are still a good option, Yabb offers the latest in gif-like chat without the data consumption of playing images on a loop. Smart move.

Yabb Logo

How to use Yabb

It’s refreshingly easy. You download the app here. Give Yabb access to your contact lists so it can crawl your contact list and see who’s got the app! It will ask for your number and send you a verification code; do it!

From there, add your name and profile images, edit the display colours and filter people on Yabb by ‘friends’, ‘nearby’ or ‘popular’. Yabb-away!

Download Yabb for iOS here! 

And for Android here. 

Yabb 1

Yabb 2

Yabb 3

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