Vitamix S30

Why The Vitamix S30 Is One Of The Best Kitchen Accessories To Date

In the whole range of kitchen blending accessories you can own, there’s only really one name to know; and that is Vitamix.

Vitamix S30 Daydream Blue

Their new addition to the blending family is the Vitamix S30, the revolutionised version of the name in domestic and professional blenders that have set from the most basic to the most advanced cooks and chefs apart from the rest. Straight up, the best thing about the Vitamix S30 is its nice looks coupled with the fact it blends basically anything to a smooth liquid in about 30 seconds.

Vitamix S30

For something so small, the blender packs a whopping punch. It either pulsates or goes from 1-10, matching a sensation like it’s about to take off while remaining perfectly still and manageable while you do other things around the kitchen. The little beauty comes in 8 colours ranging from optic white to black and everything in-between like a striking retro daydream blue and while it stands at about 45cm tall with either one of its two head options attached along with its interchangeable and easily washable blade, it’s surprisingly compact in size and doesn’t take up much kitchen bench space at all.

Vitamix S30 2

They’ve thought of all the lifestyle elements of a decent blender and covered-off all bases in terms of attachments. With one jug for larger sized blends and two protein shaker-like attachments for the on-the-go needs of busy city workers, they’ve thought of everything.

Even complete with its own recipe book of dips, drinks, smoothies and shakes, the Vitamix S30 is pretty much one of the most brilliant things to buy not just for Christmas, but ever!



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