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Why The South Melbourne Night Market Is Still The Summer Heart Of Inner Melbourne

On a Thursday night you wouldn’t normally expect to see so many crowds flocking to a market, but on this particular occasion, many Melburnians made an exception thanks to the efforts of BMW Melbourne making it happen!

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Nestled in the heart of South Melbourne right next to the train station and just down the road from Melbourne’s premiere car dealership, BMW Melbourne, is the South Melbourne Night Market complete with food trucks, live music, ice cream bars and numerous homeware boutiques. It makes for a perfect place for a balmy summer night.

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Simply Spanish where everything is simply…delicious is one pit-stop for the ages. Known for its paella, complete with calamari, chorizo and chicken, the authentically Spanish dish often has people queuing for miles just to get a spoonful of the uniquely smoky taste and flavour.

Proper and Sons in another section of the spread is a staple of the market food courts and a new addition to the night market at South Melbourne. The Melbourne fusion café serves a particularly tasty hot and spicy prawn cocktail roll that has quickly carved a niche for itself in the locale.

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Although the food is undeniably scrumptious, the best part of the night markets is that everywhere you go you can hear the drumming of a guitar and the raspy vocals of four piece flamenco band La Rumba. Boasting an effortless cheeky flair, common among many Spanish musicians, the music of La Rumba is a rhymthic love making to the rich culture and panache of the area.

An experience for the food lover, music appreciator and culture extraordinaire, the South Melbourne Night Markets don’t leave anyone wanting. On at 5.30pm every Thursday evening from the 7th January till the 10th of March. Thanks to BMW Melbourne to the opportunity to visit the markets!

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