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Why you need to take a holiday to Okinawa in Japan ASAP (sponsored)

Remember that Japan bubble that took hold of Australia in 2017?

It’s still going strong and there is officially more reason than ever to book a ticket and visit a little known, but worth-the-trip prefecture of Japan called Okinawa.

Okinawa Japan Nuchugusui beach

South of the Japanese mainland, the little island of the Rising Sun is taking all sorts of places in people’s hearts, both who’ve been and who are yet to go, because of its unique take on life, love, food and health that is relatively unseen around the world.

Okinawa is known for its huge emphasis on a well-rounded life of the body, mind and soul that is totally attainable with the right approach.

Just watch this video to get the idea…

They call it Nuchugusui, which translated into English mean ‘food is medicine’. It’s an old Okinawan proverb that has a knock-on effect throughout the entirety of Okinawan culture.

Not only on the island is food such a source of life, both scientifically and spiritually, but it’s about so much more that all contributes to a happy existence and gives you all the more reason to go.

Discover new natural attractions

Okinawa Japan Nuchugusui aerial beach

A trip to Okinawa is about taking the road less travelled and allowing your thoughts to drift as you unwind amongst the countless natural beauties that lie around the island.

From the Kerama Shoto national park and endlessly blue oceans that surround the archipelago that are ideal for scuba diving, snorkelling and rowing, the island gives you unprecedented access to time for unwinding.

Okinawa Japan Nuchugusui free diving

The food

Okinawa does food well. From  seaweed to seafood and everything in-between, Okinawan food is naturally sourced and wholesome, giving the body what it needs to keep it all trucking happily for decades.

The median age for women in Okinawa is 90 and 84 for men, so you know it must do something for long life, and a good internal system.

Okinawa Japan Nuchugusui food

Long life

Okinawa Japan Nuchugusui old people

People in Okinawa live longer. It has a lot to do with their unadulterated way of eating, approach to food as a nourishment and a hunger-buster as opposed to something to binge on as well as being rooted in the nutrient-rich sources they take it from.

Couple that with the fact Okinawa is the homeland of karate, known for its unique approach to pottery and textiles and offering countless hobbies and ways of keeping busy and the mind occupied, the old folks have it going well.

Okinawa Japan Nuchugusui old women

Arts and crafts

Okinawa Nuchugusui textiles

And speaking of arts and crafts, the method of production of them in Okinawa are completely untouched by outside influence and have lead to some truly stunning collectible pieces for tourists (and pieces for day-to-day use by locals). Okinawan textiles and pottery skills are like something else.

The patience required to make bingata style textiles is something out of this world, with each thread dyed in a precise way so that when woven, intended patterns join together to make a stunning piece of fabric. It’s insane to watch.

Their hand-blown glassware is representative of the time and energy they put into their handiworks and even meant to represent the people of the island society themselves through small but beautiful idiosyncrasies, riddled throughout the inimitability of each unique piece.

See more about Okinawa and what to expect at the Be. Okinawa website.

Okinawa Japan Nuchugusui kimono

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