Why Lumira Candles Are The Candles You Didn’t Know You Need

Lumira candles are pretty chic. They’re the overstated-understated, more desirable alternative to overpriced and inferiorly rafted alternatives that promote the goodness of candles with the cheapest of quality. Lumira’s Collezione Bianca is a tribute to beauty, simplicity and purity combined with an exploration in premium, exotic fragrances to enhance our daily rituals with a sense of style and ceremony.


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Collezione Bianca is a private candle collection of three fragrances that have been created specifically for different times of day. La Primavera is to be burnt during the day because it’s light and fresh, whereas Sirocco is for burning during the specifically warmer Sydney summer days. Then there’s Darsana hits the nail right on the head in terms of sexy, seductive nocturnal fragrances and general beautiful appearance.



Why they’re so good is because of the quality of the candle overall. From the glass encasing to the hand poured finishing of them all, there are no complaints as to their awesomeness. Lumira’s founder Almira Armstrong founded the candle brand in 2013 and is a big advocate of the power and beauty of a quality candle.
“I wanted to share with the Lumira customer, fragrances that were reminiscent of particular cherished moments in my life. Each premium arrangement of scent was inspired by my travels in Europe, North Africa and India and capture vivid personal moments,” she said.

See some favourites here.

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