Why ‘Looking For Lawson’ Is The Ode To Henry Lawson You Need To See

It is no mean feat to adapt any art or performance work into another art form, but after a long gestation, composer John Thorn has done just that with the play, Looking For Lawson on show in Melbourne presently, with great success. In any successful adaptation, content dictates form and by studying the essence of each Henry Lawson poem, extracting its character and subtext the melodic framework of each song is unique. From the marching song themed ‘Faces in the Street’ to the heavy tango sounds of ‘The Shame of Going Back’ Thorn uses music and rhythm to elevate the poetry of Lawson to a theatrical performance that marries word to music perfectly.

The structure of the show takes the audience on a journey through Lawson’s troubled life, touching on key moments of joy and despair that helped shape him and his literary works. The ensemble embodied the work well, adding their own flair and creativity which enabled them to deliver both touching and, at times, humorous performances.

Whether you are a fan of Henry Lawson’s poetry, or have little knowledge of it, you are bound to find this an enjoyable presentation of his work developed into an intimate and contemporary song cycle that really gets to the heart of it.

Looking For Lawson runs til 9 March 2016. See more information here.




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