Why Living In Australia Is The Envy Of The World

When it comes to Australia, people have a lot to say. From equal rights for same-sex-attracted couples, to refugees and asylum seekers, to the social issues and injustices that plague the indigenous community, it couldn’t be argued, there’s a fair share or problems, but for every shortcoming there is a silver lining better, a thousand times over you can’t deny.

They call Australia the lucky country for a reason: it’s safe, clean, the welfare system works, we’re paid fairly, treated equally (mostly) and have no worries that landlocked states around the world suffer from. We’re entitled to gamble, drink, holiday and live freely; our entertainment and night life is second to few and everything you need is right on anyone’s doorstep.

Gaming and entertainment

From the casinos the likes of Melbourne’s Crown by the Packer family or Sydney’s The Star right on Darling Harbour (and with the future Barangaroo development coming soon!) gaming is a part of the Australian pastime. With an annual festival dedicated to gambling and the joy it brings, the Melbourne Cup: the race that stops a nation, there’s no wonder it’s such a vital part of the Australian lifestyle.

However, though casinos and gaming are thick on the ground, sometimes it’s a bit too hard to get to one, or even be let inside! That’s where something like Casino.com comes in handy. With the popularity of Australian online gaming on the rise – each year it attracts over about $12 billion for the Australian economy* – not physically going to the casino can actually be a godsend, and especially with all the games you’d ever play now online, it only makes sense.

Drinking and Nightlife

Yeah, look, aside from Sydney’s painfully laborious lockout laws and the fact you can’t buy alcohol anywhere within the limits of Sydney proper, the Australian drinking and entertainment laws are pretty relaxed. Inside and outside of venues often have partygoers roaming, fuelled by their own enjoyment, which has fast become a hallmark of the Australian lifestyle. See some of our favourite bars here!

Australian Food and Cuisine 

The food! The concept of ‘Australian cuisine’ isn’t really a thing, traditionally speaking, but wow what the nation’s restaurants have been able to do with English inspiration and Asian influence – given it’s the biggest Western nation in Asia – is incredible! The likes of Melbourne and Sydney are basically the meccas of food and dining in Australia, so take note at some of our favourites here!

The Sights  and Sounds of Australia

The Australian landscape is about as rugged as it gets. Majestic in its dry prickliness and beautiful in its mismatched haphazardness, the flora and fauna of Australia are like nothing else. Venturing out to Halls Gap in Victoria or the Greta Ocean Road, Royal National Park in New South Wales or Port Douglas. See some of our thoughts on the best bits of Australian travel here!

The Australian Beaches 

No, Australian beaches don’t have as much comfort with public nudity and toplessness as say, those of Brazil or Spain, but what they lack in women’s and men’s private parts in plain view, they make-up for in pristine beauty, accessibility and popularity. The beach scene in Australia goes hand-in-hand with the Australian lifestyle; just look at TV programs like Bondi Rescue! The beach, sun and sun-kissed skin can’t be avoided in Australia.

*source: problemgambling.gov.au

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