Rehab Wellness IV drip shot West Hollywood

Why injecting vitamins ain’t all bad – and is more popular than ever

There’s a different attitude to needles these days.

Sure, you’re not meant to jab them into yourself on a whim and fancy at home, but gone are the days where the old hypoderm was a doctor-only administered treatment for vaccinations and blood samples.

The likes of Rehab Wellness – just down the road from The Jeremy West Hollywood – in West Hollywood is leading the way when it comes to injectables, but not like you’d think.

Rehab Wellness IV drip shot West Hollywood

They steer clear of botox, fillers and other typically LA-centric substances, opting instead for convalescent and nurturing concoctions to add right to the bloodstream.

They work to fill the gap between the nutrients that you give to your body with food and drink and what is expelled, which can be anywhere between 0-30% of your intake, so in many ways, they serve a greater purpose than simply injecting vitamins.

By mixing-up a cocktail of vitamin-rich saline, or simply adding a blood red jab of Vitamin B12 right to the bum cheek, Rehab Wellness is bridging the gap between medical remedies for the most of common of ailments.

For those who feel sluggish, under-the-weather, hungover, are looking tired or simply need a pick-me-up, an intravenous drip (IV drip) or quick ‘shot’ does the trick.

The thing about the practice is, too, that the those administering the needles are trained nurses, so you know you’re in good hands. Throw on top of that, that they all more than practice what they preach and it’s a quick in-and-out process that for them, is just like waking up in the morning.

The cocktails of vitamins and minerals they offer are extensive and really vary depending on how energetic you want to be, or how restorative you’d like your morning to prove. Name your game and it’s added right to your bloodstream.

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It’s a brave new world of remedies, therapies, cures and alleviates and Rehab Wellness is juts one of the many ways you can tackle the trends in West Hollywood.

See more at the Rehab Wellness West Hollywood website.

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