Eurail train Backpackers at Milan train station, Italy

Why the Eurail network is the best and most preferred way to travel Europe

If you’re from Australia and you’re yet to travel to Europe, have you even travelled?

In an age where over 47% of people aged 18-35 are influenced by social media to travel of 44% from friends alone, it’s hardly any surprise that Europe still has the biggest allure, with an estimated 8.4 million holidays taken by Aussies a year.

Eurail train Canal in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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No wonder Europe’s Eurail has upped its ante, offering a bunch of new perks and benefits to being a Eurail customer.

They cottoned-on to the fact that 83% of Australians would happily take a gap year – who wouldn’t?! – and do a bit of Eat, Pray, Love-ing around their chosen destination at some semblance of a leisurely pace.

Eurail train Christmas market in front of Hofburg Palace in Vienna, Austria

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That’s where train travel comes in handy, offering the exact opportunity to do just that to over 28 countries, thousands of destinations and to see the stunning sights the world has to offer.

Eurail train Couple enjoying a view of a canal in Utrecht, The Netherlands

Eurail’s seemingly endless routes and connections, coupled with the fact it now offers the EuroStar from London with Avignon, Brussels, Lille, Lyon, Marseille and Paris, makes it one hell of a way to knock over a huge portion of the more refined, historically signficant-as-hell cities the continent has on offer.

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Eurail train Man on the top of Frankfurt Main Tower, Germany

Some of the perks of travelling with Eurail are outlined below, so you get just how easy and beneficial the olde train travel actually is…

  • The Big Eurail 20% off pass: From now until 31 December, The Big Eurail Pass offers 20% off for everyone to discover Europe’s fascinating landmarks and destinations, for less. Groups who book can save up to 32% off with a Saver Pass. Available from and the Eurail network of Authorised General Sales Agents.
  • Extended booking period: Eurail Pass can now be purchased up to 11 months in advance, meaning customers can choose their Pass and plan their trip well-before their journey start date. This extension allows customers to plan in advance and book their Eurail Pass at the same time as booking flights to Europe.
  • Eurostar: Customers can now use their Eurail Pass on Eurostar trains allowing travel between London and mainland Europe with ease and speed.
  • Increase in youth age: Customers aged 27 years and under are now eligible for Eurail youth fares, saving up to 35 percent on the standard adult price (age cap was previously 25 years).
  • Kids travel free: Up to two children 11 years of age and under travel for free with at least one adult.

Eurail train Train station of Toledo, Spain

Eurail train NSB train staff in front of Norwegian highspeed train

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