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Who is Sammi Constantine and why you need to know the name

We sometimes hear musicians speak about how ‘grounded’ they are despite their fame and stardom. Music is, after all, a rock for many people and a creative outlet for artists to express themselves.

For Sammi Constatine, music is just that. For the emerging electro pop artist, music expresses her deeply personal journey through dark and metaphoric lyrics. Raised in a secluded coastal town north of Sydney, Sammi began as an indie-acoustic storyteller who has grown into her own unique style of sound. This edgy yet approachable sound seems to resonate with her 30,000+ fans, with previous hits such as ‘The Game’ and ‘Closing In’. Sammi also recently launched her latest single, ‘Through My Clothes’, debuting on the iTunes chart at #60.

The upcoming star has also been fortunate enough to travel to LA, collaborating with some big figures who have produced music for the likes of Chris Brown and Enrique Iglesias.

We talk to the girl behind those moody signature soundscapes on her journey into music, the emotional elements behind her lyrics, and her raw honesty about ‘not being very grounded.’

You used to be a ballet dancer, what made you decide to get into song writing?

It’s such a long story. Dancing was my entire world, and I wanted to be a professional dance teacher. Then in 2009, I was diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa and Depression. At 16-years-old, I was in hospital with doctors putting me on a program to get back to normal health. This forced me out of the dance world, which was something I really loved. It was my entire identity. While in hospital, I started writing songs and shortly afterwards released my first EP. I never really went back to dancing afterwards. Song writing became my creative outlet so it was an easy transition for me. I don’t regret any of it.

Your music is described as indie, electro, pop; what kind of things influenced your sound and style?

I listen to many sounds and genres. I was brought up listening to artists such as The Whitlams and Paul Kelly, which really influenced me. Now days, there are many different musicians I really admire. Vera Blue, Halsey and Aurora are some of my favourites. They have a weird and wonderful style. They incorporate lyrics and sound into one, which draws me in. Dark, electronic and dirty sounds with deep lyrics are the entire package to me. I try to make my sound unique, even though there is no such thing as a new sound, I want to try and release music as close as possible to that. I work on my sound design tirelessly to make it sound new and fresh, and I am proud to have feedback to say I’ve accomplished this.

Your lyrics are described as an ‘emotional journey’; what are the key experiences of your life that have shaped your song writing?

I can hear, see and make a story out of anything. I take inspiration from what’s going on in the world, to an Instagram post where someone is telling me a story. People go through some amazing things and that’s what inspires me. Everything comes from somewhere, so the world and life is the inspiration to my writing. For me personally, I’ve been through things. I’ve had break-ups, been hospitalised, and experienced anxiety and depression. None of these things were terrible because I’ve come out a better person from them. When I perform live, I retell these stories and people feel that.

Absolutely! Do you consider yourself a role model, then?

I’ve become a role model, even when it’s not necessarily my intention. If I can help and inspire people to overcome things I have, that boggles my mind one hundred percent. I don’t believe I’m a bad role model; I try not to encourage bad things, but it can be a challenge to keep everything PG rated. I want to stay as real as I can without, just say, swearing – because I feel that obligation for the demographic of people that listen to my music. I try to keep this weird balance where I can be me also, but gain respect.

You’ve gained quite a fan base, how do you feel knowing many people can relate to your music?

It makes me feel amazing! I didn’t expect that to happen. I’m honestly just being me and using music as a form of self-expression. I think about 16-year-old Sammi writing music in that hospital bed and I wanted to have someone write about me during that time; so I’m glad I can provide that in some way to some people. I have young girls come up to me and say “you write about how I feel” all the time, which is hard to used to!

Where do you hope to be in five years’ time?

Obviously kicking more music goals, but I want so much more. I want to be successful enough to start my own charity organisation, because if I weren’t in the music industry I’d be in social work. I love to help people in general. My dream is to be an ambassador for mental health, where I can incorporate my music and social work. I want to build my life with the power of my music – this is success to me. I have big dreams.

What has been your favourite experience as a musician so far?

How can I even begin to choose? I’ve done so many cool, wonderful things! I think the best experience for my growth as an artist is going to Los Angeles, and working on my music. It was both amazing and exhausting, I can’t even describe it. I hardly slept, but I was so focused on my music and growing as an artist. I built my first music video there, I call it my ‘song baby with the visuals’. I directed everything myself, and I’m so proud that it’s all me and my product. It’s an unreal feeling.

With music is constantly shifting and becoming more competitive, how to you keep grounded amongst all the noise?

I’m not grounded at all! Everything in music is crazy, because it’s always changing. Some days I can’t even keep up with the social media platforms and updating everything all the time. I try to balance my personal and professional life, and I need to take a lot of time out for myself to do normal things otherwise I’ll go crazy. It’s so easy to get lost in the social media world, and to stay normal, everyone needs to have that time to do normal things.

If you could describe yourself in a few words then, what would they be?

That’s so hard [laughs]. I would say mysterious and weird. I give plenty of myself to the world, but there’s still more to come. I like that.

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